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Perfect Window Coverings for the Bathroom

Many people have trouble deciding on the perfect window treatment for their bathroom. When considering blinds, you don’t want real wood because the moisture will warp and can ruin them. Vertical blinds, while not an obvious choice, can be a great option as long as the material is made of PVC, where moisture and humidity will not cause any damage to the material. And then there are mini blinds, but why would you want to get mini blinds when you can get faux wood horizontals at the same price. Curtains should always be avoided in bathrooms because the moisture will cause the curtains to mold and begin to smell.


When considering window shades, cellular shades are popular in bathrooms because of the privacy they offer, and the tranquil glow they illuminate in the room. Cellular shades are lightweight easy to control and are available in many different colors. Plantation shutters are the most popular window covering for bathrooms all around the world. Shutters are easy to open and close and they give you the option to open the shutter completely to expose the entire window for the full outdoor view. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort. 

Another bathroom window coverings option is the 2” faux wood blinds. The alternative to real wood the faux wood looks and feels the same as real wood without the disadvantages of warping, cracking and fading. The faux wood will not bend or warp from the sun and moisture exposure. They also offer the holeless or notched option to give ultimate privacy. Remember these tips when hunting for the perfect window blinds for your bathroom and come out on top with the best knowledge available. 



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