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Why Woven Wood Shades?

Woven wood shades have been revamped and are today again used in many upscale homes as well as corporate offices. The answer to the question “why woven wood shades” is simple: VISUAL DRAMA! Their unique texture, rich colors and unmatched sophistication will transform any room and add a distinct decorating style.


Woven wood blinds are made of natural products. They mostly consist of grasses, reeds, wooden materials or bamboos and are therefore also referred to as bamboo shades. The raw materials woven into each shade make each product truly one of a kind, where one shade will never truly be identical to another.


The product operation is simple, utilizing a left or right cord to lower and raise the shades. The shades lay flat when in the lowered position and create overlapping folds when in the raised position. Most materials, like the grasses, reeds and bamboos create a relaxed look and are usually somewhat see through. However, most fabrics can be paired with a privacy option to provide privacy where needed. Further design options include a valance that usually drops down about 6” (depending on brand), a classic style where the fabric runs of the front of the headrail and eliminates the need for a valance. Also available are the top down/ bottom up feature, providing more versatility or edge banding, giving the shade a finished “frame” with decorative cotton tapes.


When decorating with woven wood shades you will create rich dimension in any casual or traditional setting. The natural materials are warm and inviting and will translate any room into a perfect retreat.

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