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Sheer Shades – 2” or 3” vane size?

Alright, you have made the decision: It will be new sheer horizontal shades for your windows. And now the questions come up: Which vane size? Should you go with the 2” or 3” vane? Is one better than the other? What are the advantages or disadvantages for choosing one over the other?



These questions have been posed to us many times. So here are some things to consider when making this decision:


Price. Even though that rarely will be the “decision-maker”, but the 3” vane size on the Comfortex’ Shangri-La Sheer Shades has a 10% higher price point. That being said, you want to consider your window size. For small and narrow windows, usually the smaller vane size will be great. On large windows or doors, it will be a personal decision. The The large size will complement your big, open windows, creating an open, modern. The 2” will complement with its more traditional, soft atmosphere. When looking for a modern look, a lot of times the 3” vane size will be great. Also to consider, when choosing the larger vane size, you will have less vanes and therefore a better view out. Off course, the 2” vane has one and one half times as many vanes “obstructing” the view when tilted in the open position for a screened view out. So, how important is your view?


Another technical aspect to consider, how much or little mounting surface is available; when you have limited mounting surface the 2” vane size will be the better choice. It can be paired with the UltraSleek low profile headrail, whereas the 3” sheer shade can be as well, but is not ideal for it.


Above and below are sets of pictures illustrating what the 2” versus 3” sheer shades will do in terms of view. Whatever you decide, please remember, there is no right or wrong here. Many things are preferences of YOUR taste. Make your decision, run with it and enjoy your home 😉


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