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Updates for Bali Cellular Shades

Bali has just revamped their DiamondCell cellular shades line! So, what’s new? Colors, extended specifications on cordless and cordless top down/ bottom up shades and more.


Bali cellular shades are great window treatments of fashion and style, while helping to insulate your home year around. The unique honeycomb design forms pockets of air that insulate from heat and cold. Bali offers three cell sizes, the ¾” single cell, 3/8” single cell and the 3/8” double cell, the latter being the superior insulator of the three.


All fabrics have enjoyed color updates, providing you trend and fashion for this fall and winter to come, while the most popular classics remain. Deep tones like the new cherry color or the denim help you to decorate with bold and strong colors. When choosing color over neutrals, you create drama and character in your living space. Have fun with them!


Also new is the cordless top down / bottom up. October is child safety month, where this feature fits so perfectly into. When trying to keep our little ones safe, best lifting system for any shade is the cordless lifting system. A cordless shade utilizes a little handle on the bottom rail, which is used to lift or lower the shade, eliminating all dangerous cords from a shade. Now Bali also offers this feature in the popular top down feature at greater widths than ever before. So even your large windows can now be cordless and lowered from the top down, while enjoying privacy at the bottom.


And as always, Bali DiamondCell shades can be paired with VertiCells. The vertical honeycomb shade that is perfect for sliding glass doors, opening from side to side. Any of the light-filtering or room-darkening materials, are available in the vertical product, helping to keep your area uniform and coordinated.


Enjoy browsing our updated online selection & create the most comfortable living space that is all about you J

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