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Design Trends that Don’t Help When Selling Your Home

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Even though we like bold and different when it comes to design and décor, truth be told, some of the things we might love because they are different will not necessarily help when the time comes to put your house on the market. Here is a list of things that can be beautiful, but might be things to stay away from if you don’t stay in your home for very long:

  1. Broken Window Blinds
    It happens… your wood blind has a couple of broken slats or the mini blind has a bent slat. Make sure to replace them, the room will appear much more groomed than having a symmetrical product like wood blinds become an eye sore because you didn’t have the slats replaced.
  2. Bold Colors On Your Walls
    Whether it is an accent wall or an entire room, walls colored in strong bold paint are not for everyone. Even if it is quite inexpensive to cover up that strong burgundy or mustardy yellow wall, some people don’t want to bother with it. Most people prefer a house with neutral pleasing hues.
  3. Wallpaper
    Twisted geometric lace, bold flowers or stripes… wallpaper is such a personal choice. It is easy to not match the taste of the next person possibly interested in your house. It can change the atmosphere of a room so much to where you just lost the next purchasers interest.
  4. Pet Utensils
    Even though most of us lover our four legged friends, we often associate a house with pets as dirty. By leaving out pet paraphernalia, we suddenly smell the dog, look for dog hair and take an additional peek at the carpets for pet stains. Remove all pet related items from your home when showing it.
  5. Overly Crowded Landscaping
    Yes, we enjoy a lush garden with lots of flowers, but when a garden is crowded with plants and bushes a potential buyer worries about the work that is required to maintain it. Focus on small islands that make a beautiful focal point in your garden and keep the rest clean and uncluttered with grass or rocks. A new homeowner might not have the green thump you have and avoid the work.
  6. Converted Garage
    For most people the garage is the place to have your car safe guarded and store some additional tools. When you take this option away by converting a garage into a music room or office, you just eliminated a lot of potential buyers that can’t use this space any longer.
  7. Gold Fixtures
    Even though the gold fixtures you loved go well with your style and décor, for most people they seem outdated and remind of the 80’s. It doesn’t cost much to exchange fixtures and door handles to a brushed brass or iron black to give them a more current look.
  8. Converted Bedroom
    Make sure you can convert your office or game room back to its original purpose of a bedroom. Most people don’t like or can see past the conversion and are turned off when they walk your home.

Considerations When Combining Wood Colors

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

wood-blindsOne of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating is picking out individual furniture pieces and decor items. And then the challenge begins, will the individual pieces you love tie together and seem like a composed arrangement? When trying to coordinate wood tones this can be especially challenging. From dark mahogany or golden oak colors to light birch tones the array seems endless. So here are some things to consider in order to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look:

Main Pieces of Furniture
Large furniture items like tables, armchairs or wood blinds should all be in the same wood tone. Smaller decorating pieces like picture frames and lambs could be in accenting lighter or darker stain.

Different Rooms
In adjoining rooms you might not want to have the same color wood in every area. For example your family room could feature cherry furniture while the adjoining dining room has lighter natural wood tone furniture pieces. In this case the smaller decor items should tie the rooms together by featuring the other rooms wood stain color.

Balancing Wood Tones
In case your larger furniture items for a specific room are not in the same wood color, place them strategically and balance them with your décor. When you place all the light items on one side and the dark items on the other it will throw off the balance off that room.

Keep It Simple
In general you don’t want to mix too many different wooden colors on top of a very busy color scheme. The look will be messy and busy. So in case you have lots of colors you are working with in a room, keep the wood tones in furniture and blinds the same. On the other hand in case you have lot of wooden tones you are working with, keep your colors down to a minimum.

Contrast Woods When Necessary
In certain areas you want to contrast wood items so they don’t appear washed out. This is the case with wooden floors. On a beautiful dark wood floor, you don’t want to see a dark table, here a contrasting lighter wooden piece would be ideal.

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