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How To Save Money On Home Decor

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Furnishing your home can be an expensive task. In the end we all want a cozy home that reflects our personality well. Furniture costs much and so do art pieces and decor. It can be challenging to find perfectly fitting and affordable items. To find a way between the expensive products and your tight budget, look at the decor-savvy housewives who have managed to give their home a touch of class and elegance. Here are some tips which have helped others in decorating their home and furnishing it in a cost effective manner:

Finding Your Catch in Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Though, this finding needs some effort from you but in the end you can see that all your hard work was worth it. Often you can see that some vintage furniture pieces, amazing art samples, antiques, and hand-crafted items are sold in garage sales or are left at thrift stores with a price tag that is less than half of their value. With some little do up you can make them look wonderful for your home.



Choose Sale or Clearance Items

Some expensive furniture pieces, which are essential for your home, can be purchased on sale or clearance. By making a compromise and deciding on the clearance item along with a sale you can literally save hundreds of dollars. Same is the case for costly custom made window shades. Make that purchase when you get a great sale, with free upgrades like top down bottom up, or cordless lift options. When covering several windows, a purchase for cellular shades can be hundreds of dollars cheaper. To save, patience is the key!



DIY Decor Items

Sometimes the most charming items are the ones that have “you” written all over them. With a little research and taking time to make an item, you can be friendly to your budget while creating amazing items. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY ideas for your home and fill out spaces that simply need personality.



Utilize What You Already Own

Done spending money? Take out your cool fashion jewelry pieces and accessories and use them as decor. Organize them on the wall in a beautiful manner. Leaving the walls bare gives a feeling of an uninhibited home. Your bags, hats, beaded necklaces or just your pretty umbrella would do a great job on the wall.







Best Colors For A Living Room

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

When deciding on the right paint color for your living room, consider the colors you already have in your living space. What color is your couch, pillows drapes and window coverings? Also consider the mood you want to create. Do you want serene, inspiring, or uplifting?

A safe bet is neutrals. Crisp white or soft off-whites can be paired with any decor without having to worry about it clashing or going wrong. When opting for a crisp white, you want to counter the coolness with warm accent colors. This helps to bring life to the otherwise “colorless” background.
Soft off-white is also neutral, but brings more warmth into the room. Go for a little deeper cream to create a cozy environment. When going with and even deeper color like putty or sand, offset it with crisp white window shades or trim to avoid it looking too muddy. The white will clean up the walls.

What about soft colors like a soft orange or green? This is a great way to dip into color without being too bold. A soft green will be serene, while an orange or yellow will be invigorating and bring energy into the room without being overpowering. These soft colors are on top of the paint strip that can be found at your local home stores; they are safe, a little shy, yet fun.

And now to the bold and daring colors: A strong green will bring energy into a room. Most strong colors will do that and the trick to make it work is to pair them with small decor items that have the same intense color. To lighten up the room add white trim or accents as well. When the intense color is offset by a clean white it takes away from the heaviness of the atmosphere. Loud colors give a room personality.

Finish 2014 In Style

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

The end of a year is here. This is always a great time to reflect and think about what went well, what didn’t go so well and what can be better in the year to come. We all make New Year’s resolutions, have new dreams and plans. Some want to work on health issues, others on productivity, usually everyone wants to improve in some area. In order to ring in the New Year, most of us will have a New Years Eve party, a great party to glide into 2015 with family and friends and get ready for those plans and dreams to come true.

Here are some ideas we found that can help you to create a party with lots of glitter and sparkle, a party you and your loved ones will remember:

Window Decor or Wall Hanging
Windows are a large area where additional party decor can add to the glitter theme. Simply cut different size circles of thick metallic Christmas paper or poster board to create this decorative garland. It will be great in front of window shades or blinds or as a wall hanging / backdrop.

Glitter Covered Champagne Bottles
This is so easy and will add sparkle to your party. With some Mod Podge and golden glitter, you can turn your champagne bottles into glittery decor. Please keep in mind though that the glitter will not stick should you want to chill a bottle on ice. They should be cooled in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Glass Vases with Glitter
Take several vases or glasses and fill them partially with golden or silver glitter. The glasses should mainly be filled at the bottom. You could swoosh the glitter around a bit, so some of it sticks to the sides. Now simply fill with tea lights and you have gorgeous table decor. You could also take a water filled vase and then pour some glitter into it. A nice branch will add some green to the glittery party!

A party isn’t a party without balloons, my mother always said. To add more sparkle, why not get some clear balloons and fill them up with glitter. In addition you could tie gold and silver ribbons to the bottom of the balloons, so festive!

To add additional glam to your dinner table, simply take some sparkly stars or confetti and distribute over the table. You add atmosphere of glam and sparkle in an instance.

Candles always create a soothing and festive atmosphere. We liked the idea of  inexpensive small white candles, a box of thumbtacks and pin them into the candles. Whether you only tack the bottom row of the candles, fill them up half way or all the way, they will look great.

Happy New Year!

Do it Yourself Winter Decor Ideas

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Just a few more days and winter will be knocking on our doors. Actually the weather feels quite wintery already, and with the countdown to Christmas on, it might as well already be winter. We thought it is definitely time to think about some DIY decor ideas that are themed for winter. Here we go:

Pine Cone Wreath
This is easy to make when purchasing the base of the wreath and adding pine cones to it. Whether you like color, or wintery white, silver or the typical Christmas colors, a wreath always gets us in the spirit for the special time of year. Place your wreath on a table, hang it on a door or right in front of you window blinds or window shades.

Winter Display – Wine Bottles

We love this idea. We have three wine bottles, one is slightly larger, and sprayed them with a coat of primer. Next a coat of craft bond was applied to create an adhesive. After that the bottom of the bottles were rolled in Epsom Salt to create a snowy texture on them. Then, let your imagination be your guide. Here, on a silver tray with silver pics from Michaels, a couple of candles and ornaments. Voila… so Christmassy.

Winter Mantle Decor

Check out this seasonal decor on the mantle. First a little snowy effect is created by placing a white boa in the center of the mantle, which could be replaced with a scarf. Next a pewter mug is filled with boxwood, but could also be filled with other evergreen cuttings. Additional charm is created by the twigs in vases with the white carnations and finished of by birch logs and glass candlesticks. We love this mantle!

Sweater Pillow

This pillow just screams cozy. We found instructions that explain how to take one of your sweaters, cut it up, and sew it around a pillow to make it look like the one in the picture below. This can just as easily be purchased, even though it wouldn’t quite fit into the DIY category. We love this off white, soft pillow either way.

Branch Centerpiece

This easy centerpiece can be put together in no time and does not cost much. Simply take a glass vase that you can fit twigs in. Fill with sparkly snow face filler (available at the Dollar store). Once twigs are arranged hang crystal drops on them to create sparkle.

Unusual Flooring Types

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

This blog isn’t going to be about window blinds or window shades. Today will be all about flooring. We found these unusual flooring types so different, we wanted to display them here.

Cemented pebbles and stones are a great fit for bathrooms or hallways. Giving you the feel of standing on a riverbed, it puts you right into nature’s arms. Unusual for sure, different and unique is what you create.


The choices are copper or silver. This isn’t truly a flooring type you can order, it is basically coins scattered and sealed in an area of your liking. Also here, bathrooms are a great place for this. Very eclectic and modern, it will certainly be an eye catcher that draws attention.

Log Flooring

This flooring is a must look at for all nature lovers. Logs placed evenly and sealed create warmth and coziness. A great choice for living areas, it works well in rooms that have lots of light, windows and mirrors.

Wood and Tile

Here two flooring styles are mixed and could be a great solution for a dining area. Worried about the wooden floor and spills? Simply change to tile in an area to separate itself from the rest. This area stands out and creates an island in the middle of a room. Creative for sure!


We aren’t thinking of the usual laminate, but how about an aqua or turquoise color for a kitchen or sitting area? Giving it country flair and working well with white furniture pieces it certainly fits into the category of unusual.

Wall Decor – Kid’s Gallery

Friday, August 1st, 2014

To end this week’s blogs, we are throwing out one more idea for wall décor. Yes, also this blog won’t be about custom window shades, but help you find ideas for interior wall decor. Again, it is a low cost, doesn’t break your bank idea that can be applied in pretty much any room in your home. A kids’ room, hall way and even family room is great to fill out empty wall space. A friendly breakfast area or kitchen will be a great place as well.

What you will need is children’s’ artwork. I am sure, if you have kids, that you have tons of art projects from school or art classes. As a matter of fact, it is always one of my headaches what to do with all the precious art. Pick out some of your favorites and put them into a frame. And there you go! Here is an inexpensive and meaningful way to add wall deco.

A couple of the examples below are actually made by my children. Sara & Dylan were in an art class together, and we had two of a kind that we hung as sets in our hallway. Two of them are hanging on the same wall above each other, the other two are opposite of each other.

These pictures can also easily be changed out as you please. I literally have so many different items they come home with throughout the school year, why not change the picture in your frame a couple of times a year? Christmassy things at Christmas and by spring time a fresh design :-)



Basic Styles in Interior Design

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Are you thinking about the theme and style you would like to use in your new home? Or have you seen decorated rooms you really liked but aren’t sure what style they are. Here are the basics when it comes to the classifications of styles in interior design:

The Classic Style
This style is refined and it is all in the details. Details are rich and will be found in lighting, the structure of furniture as well as in prints and sets. Furniture becomes pieces of art with their carved or inlaid details. Deco pieces can be scenes drawn from legends, rich florals which can be found in wallpaper, window shades or other pieces. Roman shades, with their rich panels and classic prints lend themselves to be utilized when going for the classic style.


The Modern Style
This style utilizes simplistic lines and forms, clutter or heavy backgrounds are a “no no”. Furniture pieces are often geometric shapes like rectangles, circles or squares. Surfaces are clean, avoiding scenery, detail or anything busy. Colors can be bright or clean, even dull. This style embraces accuracy and an uncluttered look.


The Rustic Style
The rustic style is often found in rural areas, vacation homes, but can be used anywhere. Thick furniture pieces, rough details and nature inspired items are essentials. Lighting and deco pieces can be jute, tree trunks or branches. Colors are mostly neutrals, warm as well as earth tones.


The Contemporary Style
Here less is more. The contemporary style works with smooth finishes and polished pieces instead of ornamentation and colorful prints. Minimal accessories can be found instead of big collections. While this style doesn’t have obvious warmth, it isn’t going to give you the chills either. Loud color or dark woods can easily be found.


The Elegant Country Style
The country style uses elements from French, English and Scandinavian elements. Lots of floral prints, swirls and light colors as well as pastels are encompassed. Surfaces are often painted and while detail is welcome, clutter should be avoided.

Design Ideas – Living Room

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Here are some ideas and things to consider when decorating your living room. Color scheme, focal points and accessories will make the difference. Take a look!

Focal Point – Fireplace
In this living room the fireplace takes center stage. Accentuated with a mirror above and a set of candles that can again be found throughout the room everything is set to promote the center piece, the fireplace. The candles and warm colors create warmth and make it an inviting space.

Focal Point – Window Shades
In this room the windows are the point of interest. The woven wood shades made of natural bamboos pop and stand out while creating relaxed comfort. The rest of the room complements the natural shades by utilizing earthy tones and naturals. A splash of color is added with a few throw pillows to complete the look.

Focal Point – Color
Here the color talks the talk. Using bright strong yellow in several areas like furniture and accent pieces in contrast to the white walls and flooring, an energized, young atmosphere is created. This room comes to live with its vibrancy and is complemented by a soft plush carpet to soften the look. The yellow parts are in balance and frame the room nicely.

Focal Point – Lighting
The detail is in the lighting. While the color scheme is kept neutral and with two tones only, the room comes to live through lighting. Using lot’s of overhead lights and an interesting oversized glowing light stand, the room gets its soft and inviting character. It transforms the walls and sitting area into an piece of art.

The main point of all these living rooms is that somebody took one idea and then worked the rest of the room around that thought. So… what’s your idea?

10 Things Every Bedroom Needs

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

roller shadesWant to spiff up your bedroom? We have put together some items that will complement and enhance your bedroom. Check them out:

  1. Theme
    We grant our little toddlers a theme, maybe a princess, car or sports theme, but forget to do the same in our bedroom. Even though it doesn’t need to be that specific, we should have something that we work with and follow through on. Working with stripes? Working with floral prints? Let them reappear in different places like bedspreads, window shades or pillows. You get the idea.
  2. Rugs
    Whether you have wooden floors, carpet or tile, you want that area rug to step on to when crawling out of bed in the morning. The more plush the better. It simply says cozy and welcome in this bed at the same time.
  3. Throw Pillows
    Pillows are functional and decor at the same time. While adding a touch of color and fluffiness to your room, they are inviting and convey the message “hang out and lean up against me”. Pillows transform your bed comforter from plain to dressed up with accessories.
  4. A place to sit
    Having an additional chair to read your book or put your shoes on is a nice functional extra to have. Have the chair color complement the colors in your bed spreads and everything ties together beautifully.
  5. Television
    Many advice columns advise against electronics in the bedroom! Especially for those that have trouble sleeping. Since I am the type that has no trouble falling asleep, I like to space out every once in a while in front of the TV. For me this is a nice item to have, but we certainly believe the experts that say it is better not to have one in your bedroom.
  6. Items you love
    For all those little knickknacks, pictures and items you treasure you should have shelving space or an area where it can be displayed. Wall shelves or your dresser could be the perfect place for your treasured items.
  7. Night stand
    While nightstands complement the bed furniture they also hold our items that keep our essentials close by. On mine there can always be found the book I currently read, my water, alarm clock and lip balm. I couldn’t do without one!
  8. Mattress
    While there isn’t much to look at here, we know that the right mattress can make all the difference in how we get through the night. Whether you prefer a memory foam mattress, a soft or extra hard one, the right mattress can be an essential piece in our bedroom.
  9. Pictures
    I am mostly talking of pictures that help the theme I was talking about earlier. Serene images that compliment the color scheme and theme of your room.
  10. Reading Lights
    Even if you don’t read often, to have the right reading lamp next to you bed is essential. For a quick lights on lights off in the night or the last things we do before turning lights off, a good reading light gives added flexibility in your bedroom.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Monday, May 19th, 2014

There are always too many choices when it comes to decor and decorating. So we thought we would point out the basic choices when it comes to window treatments that are available for a bedroom. And off course we start with what Ace of Shades has to offer:

Window Blinds
A basic and functional way to dress windows in a bedroom are blinds. This includes classic wood blinds, their look-alike Faux Wood blinds, which are budget friendlier, as well as conventional mini blinds. Blinds are very practical in regards to light control and offer beauty with their symmetrical lines.

Window Shades
Shades are a soft window treatment as they are often made out of Polyester which comes in all imaginable colors, prints and designs. This category includes cellular shades, roller shades, pleated shades as well as roman shades. Whether you would like to keep it neutral or choose a bold color, when selecting shades it is important to go with a light-filtering or darkening material. That ensures privacy control which is essential for a bedroom.

A cornice is similar to a valance but higher in structure. This is a great decorative way when paired with a shade that when rolled up is hidden underneath the cornice.

Drapery Panels
Draperies can add character, color and privacy to your bedroom. For a bedroom a lined fabric is optimal for better light control and added energy savings. The voluptuous material adds dimension and character.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters offer light control and privacy while adding architectural and structural lines to a space. Shutters are heavy in construction and emulate a piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Mixed Product Styles
Here you will find a Cornice, mixed with long curtains and a matching operable roman shade underneath.

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