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Things Every Bedroom Needs

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

To make your bedroom feel luxurious, cozy and practical we put together a list of things that help you to get the most out of your room. How many of these do you already have?

Blinds for Privacy
In any bedroom privacy is a must. The place where we change, sleep and lounge it is essential to keep your neighbors out. So whether you like cellular shades, wood blinds or soft Silhouette like shades, make sure you have a fabric that isn’t too sheer and provides the privacy needed.

Soft Rug

Who wants to wake up in the morning and the first step is on a cold hard floor? Spoil yourself with a visually pleasing and soft to the touch rug that is cushy. Even for bedrooms that have carpet in them, layering ads dimension to your bedroom.

Sitting Area

Is your bedroom also a place where like to hang? For many it is the sanctuary to retreat to when the kids have gotten to us with noise overflow or simply place to have “me-time”. If you are that person, a sitting area, chair or bench is great to have. It can be used to put on shoes, hang out or have that serious talk with the partner when needed.

Personal Decor

The bedroom is usually off limits for most outside the family. So here is a great place where you can truly decorate with what’s meaningful to you. The items that don’t necessarily have a place in the family area, meaningful pictures, items you collected over the years should find a spot in your bedroom.

Have A Theme

Most people jump on a theme in their kid’s room, but shy away from a theme in their bedroom. However, if you decide on a theme, it creates structure and calm. Whether it is stripes or a color theme, it will be a unifying device creating tranquility.

Throw Pillows

You can never have too many through pillows. Pillows change how you can sit up, lay back and how you can use your bed altogether. They are a wonderful tool to add texture and color, creating a focal point. Pillows literally scream, come over and hang out for a little while.

Quality Mattress

When you have the right mattress that helps you sleep and be comfortable, your bedroom can truly be a place of rejuvenation. For all the people that have problems with their backs, a good mattress can be the difference between a place of comfort or another sleepless night you will dread.

Cozy Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

A cold front is sweeping over big parts in the US, even our state of Texas is enjoying the colder temperatures. There is no nicer place than home when it is gray and chilly outdoors.
This is the time to cozy your place up, create some warmth and welcome yourself and friends into a cluster of hominess. We thought we’d present some ideas on how to create it:

  1. Fireplace
    With low temperatures outside, turn your focus towards your fireplace. While it adds warmth, it also offers the soothing sound of crackling wood and lends itself to get lost in the sight of the flames. A fireplace creates harmony and a feeling of well-being.fireplace
  2. Infuse Color
    Fight the winter blues and gray days with color. Find a few decorating items that bring you room to life. A throw blanket or pillows with bold prints or bright colors can bring cheer and life into a gray day.
  3. Mirrors
    During the winter time our days and natural time of daylight are shorter. To maximize the light during this time can help our mood. When placing mirrors across from windows, our rooms are illuminated further, reflecting natural light into the room. Natural light is key to our well-being.
  4. Light-Filtering Window Shades
    Even when we have to have shades to cover up our windows for added privacy, a light-filtering shade can filter natural light into the room. Perfect shades to allow daylight in are Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades (Silhouette like shades), light-filtering cellular shades or pleated shades. Just because you want to keep your neighbors preying eye out, doesn’t mean you have to keep the sun out.
  5. Throw Blankets
    While throw blankets are decorative, they also add to a layered look as well as texture. Regardless of room, a bedroom or living area is always a great place for an additional throw blanket. It turns any area into a great refuge from the cold winter winds outside.
  6. Textured Rugs
    The nicest wooden floor and the most sophisticated tile can be too cold during the winter month. Help to bring the cozy factor indoors by adding a textured fluffy rug. It feels nice on your feet and adds warmth to the atmosphere.
  7. Extra Pillows
    Just like the additional blanket, more pillows is cozier. During the cold month add additional pillows where it makes sense. They look nice and are something to grab when feeling chilly.
  8. Seasonal Scents
    The seasonal scents in wax cubes or candles are amazing and create atmosphere. From Spiced Apple Punch, to Gingerbread Cookie Crunch the aromas are plentiful. Potpourri with huge pine cones and added color will be great eye candy as well. Activate your senses and enjoy this time of year!

Decorating Your Child’s Room with Safety in Mind

Friday, October 24th, 2014


A child’s room should be a fun room. Inviting and playful, but most of all safe! October is window coverings child safety month, the month where we like to bring awareness to the dangers and risks of pull cords in a kid’s room. This month is the perfect month to give some decorating tips with your child’s safety in mind:

  1. Chose window coverings that are cordless, motorized or wand operated to avoid dangling strings and pull cords. Toddlers and youngsters as well as pets can get entangled and too many accidents happen each year due to cords. Great products are motorized cellular shades, Silhouette like shades, cordless pleated shades and so on. There are many choices in today’s market!
  2. Create a fun environment. For young children fun colors are a must! A child’s room can be louder and bolder than most other rooms. Fun borders, themed bead spreads and motives are welcome!
  3. Promote sleep! Since good rest is so essential for the well being of a little child, it is important to be able to really darken your child’s room. Afternoon naps and going to bed in the evening is easier when it is dark. Here again the right window covering can make the difference. Chose darkening materials found in cellular, pleated and roller shades to achieve this.
  4. Avoid clutter. Yes… easier said than done, but just like it is easier for us to function in a room that is de-cluttered, it isn’t any different for your little one. With good storage place and routines in place your child will fare better in a room that isn’t a chaotic mess… all the time.
  5. Temporary fun. Try decorative wall decals which aren’t very expensive and can be thrown out after the “soldier faze” or “fairy faze” has passed. We like to call them temporary tattoos. You little one can have fun with decorating, but it isn’t a permanent thing.
  6. Give him or her plenty of light. Good lighting is important, so make sure the room can be appropriately lit up when reading or playing. Having additional overhead lighting of a standing lamp can make the difference.
  7. Lastly – involve your child into the fun! While certain things are not up for discussion like safety to some over the top idea, when kids are presented with what they have a say in, they get excited about their environment. It makes them feel important and they take ownership of their own space. Have fun and stay SAFE!!!!




Modern Style Decorating – How To

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

livingWant to create the modern look, but aren’t quite sure on how to achieve that look? Here is what the modern style is all about along with some examples and tips on how to create it.

The modern look is all about neutrality and minimalism. Simple color schemes, clean lines, no clutter is what it’s all about. Often geometrical shapes are part of that look, everything is very specific and exact.
Here are some ways to make it happen:

Most often the color scheme in a modern style home is neutral. White, beige, grey or black are great base colors to start with. Strong pops of color are welcome, but not necessary. Colors shouldn’t be busy, but as the style suggests simplistic. The accents can be bold as a fiery red, bright orange or grass green.

Keep the overall look sleek with clean lines. As mentioned before, geometrical shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and more can be used. Overall these lines should be large pieces and furniture items to avoid a busy look. Sleek sheer horizontal shades, silhouette like blinds, are perfect to complement the simple lines.

Lighting and incoming light are welcome in the modern design. Large oversized windows, many light fixtures are often used as long as they follow the sleek and simple lines look.

Artwork is a must in a modern living room. Large round mirror, pieces that display a touch of color and are a conversation piece. In the otherwise minimalistic design, artwork creates often a focus point.

Tile, granite or even concrete are all well suited for our look. A glossy and polished look compliments what we are trying to achieve. It then can easily be paired with a textured rug to contrast the flooring.

Other Items
We often see glass coffee tables, black and white zebra prints. Pillows overall have well defined shapes, so square or round are great, just not rectangular with rounded corners. Accents can be in chrome, glossy black or lacquered wood to compliment the look.


Simple Steps To Brighten A Room

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Tired of the same old look and atmosphere in your home? In case you just want to spruce up your home or a particular room instead of doing a complete revamp, here are some steps that will help you brighten it up with just a few tweaks. Here we go:

Get a new Outfit for your Windows
Replace old curtains or dingy shades with new window coverings. Something more modern like cellular shades or soft and sophisticated Sheer Horizontal Shades (similar to Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Blinds) can completely transform a room. Out with old fashioned venetian blinds and in with new window shades!

Flowers for a fresh Breath of Air

Whether it is a large bouquet of flowers, flowers from your garden or a even a green plant, your room will instantly brighten up and have a focal point with color. Don’t overlook a colorful vase!

Lay a new Rug

A simple area rug can completely change the atmosphere in a room. Add shade, texture, color or whatever works in your setting to bring life into your home.


Here you want to be very selective. Too many accessories can appear cluttered, not enough of them and they seem and feel lost. However, adding just the right amount of accessories like a beautiful vase, well chosen candles holders, baskets, framed pictures or artwork can add that certain something.

Add Color

What a difference a few throw pillows or a colorful window treatment can make. Add a colorful vase or some bright color in form of a painting on your wall. Especially in rooms that have mostly neutral colors this is a wonderful way to add life.

Update your Hardware

Have the doorknobs in gold from 10 years ago? Areas can be transformed by adding new hardware. Switch from gold to a brushed nickel or a dark bronze / almost black. This includes hinges, door stoppers handles as well as lamps; it will bring a clean fresh look while looking more modern at the same time.


Hope these ideas will get you started on adding that little something to your home.

Limitations Of Window Blinds and Shades

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Being a company that sells window coverings, we usually talk about the benefits of our product lines. We point out what a product can do in your home and how it performs. Today however, we want to show what some of the limitations are regarding specific blind or shade categories. It is important to know what some of the draw backs might be in order to find that right product for you.

Sheer Shades

Our popular Silhouette like shades are versatile as well as beautiful! But one should know that the light-filtering materials give privacy, however they aren’t as private as a cellular shade will be. The materials are delicate and very fine, so shadows and silhouettes of items can be seen outside. This might not be enough for some to feel comfortable in regards to privacy.
Another limitation could be seen in the room-darkening fabrics. Due to the construction of the shade, the vanes do not lay fully flat on top of each other, therefore creating little gaps. Those gabs allow light to be seeping in, which could be an issue to some. The longer the shade is, the more of an issue this could be.

Cellular Shades

While fantastic insulators and available in a wide array of colors, cellular shades have either an up or down position. Like all shades there isn’t a partial opening. However, it can be somewhat compensated by getting the top down / bottom up feature, which allows to lower the upper half while enjoying privacy at the bottom.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades again can only be lowered or raised. A top down feature like in cellular or roman shades is not an option. While fabric selection and print offers are big, often fabrics do not have a neutral backing. When looking for uniformity towards the streetside, fabrics with a white backing have to be chosen.
Also, Roller shades have often a +1” deduction taken off the fabric. When ordering for narrow windows, this gap can be a lot and should be considered.

Roman Shades

Limitations here are very similar to cellular shades. In addition, many fabrics aren’t available in wider widths. Many don’t exceed 75”, so for a majority of windows not an issue.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have the flexibility that they can be opened and closed while in the lowered position. Since they are made of a natural material, as the name states, wood can change its shape. Warpage over time can be an issue, especially on wider windows. Slight warpage is therefore not warrantied and normal. For the person that has the perfect eye and likes lines to be completely even, a faux wood product might be the better option.
Wood blinds are also heavy. While most people just open and close slats, one should be aware the raising wood blinds, especially larger ones, is a lot of weight to raise. It is hard on strings and cords and the wider the blind, should be supported by giving the bottom rail a lift by hand as well. Since wooden slats have a thicker slat, when the product is raised a quite large stack will be hanging in the window. For the person that wants an unobstructed view out this could be an issue.

Faux Wood Blinds

Bowing slats like with wood blinds isn’t an issue here. However, like wood blinds, the weight of the blind is heavy and slats are thick. Also here stacking will occur when raising the blind, it should be supported underneath the bottomrail due to the weight of it.

Naturelle Sheer Shades – FREE Upgrade!!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


What a sale!! Let’s just say it’s 4th of July 😉 Don’t miss this fantastic promotion we are offering right now on our Naturelle Sheer shades. Naturelle Sheers are similar to the Silhouette Window Shadings. This popular shade is functional while beautiful. Two layers of sheer materials create a soft, dreamy atmosphere while the light-filtering or room darkening fabric vanes provide privacy and light control.

Now we have added a new lift option to the Naturelle sheer shades. The motorized lift wand allows for a shade free of dangling cords. Any household with young children and pets should consider a cordless shade for added child and pet safety. The motorized wand has a pendant at the bottom with an up and down button to open and close your sheer shade. Simply hold one of the buttons to adjust the shadings position. By releasing the button it stops. A battery wand inside the headrail powers the shade.

The wand is available in white or black to coordinate with light fabrics or dark materials. By having a motorized control attached at the bottom of the wand, one never has to search of a misplaced remote control either.

For the month of July we will offer this upgrade at no additional charge to introduce this new feature. Be sure to take advantage of this free cordless upgrade. There is no limit as to how many shades can be ordered with the Motorized Wand upgrade. Happy 4th of July!!

Beat The June Price Increase!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

price-increaseIt’s that time of year again where prices are going up on some products in the window covering industry. Comfortex Window Fashions usually has their increase June 1st, so now is the time to beat them.

Which products are affected?
One is a customer favorite. The Silhouette shades like product by Comfortex will have an increase of about 3%. All Shangri-La Sheer Shades in 2” and 3” vane size are included in this increase.

Pricing will also go up for Comfortex cellular shades. Also here all categories like the double honeycomb shades, ¾” and 3/8” single honeycomb shades are included.

These increases come from the manufacturers to offset rising manufacturing costs.
At Ace of Shades we always keep increases to a minimum and ensure that our pricing is competitive. That’s why we are giving a heads up; to make sure your money stays in your pocket.

5 Steps to Brighten Up a Room

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Rooms that have few light fixtures or not enough natural light can feel small and dark. Home improvements and tweaking some things in your room can considerably brighten up a room. Here are some steps that will help.

  1. Choose the right window coverings. When there is only window and that is the source of natural light and it is covered up with a darkening shade in a dark color, you just robbed yourself of the only bright natural light source you had. Even when privacy is an issue, consider light-filtering shades in a light or cream color. An excellent choice could be Comfortex Shangri-La Shades, in the same category as Silhouette shades. Even when they are closed, the room is illuminated with a natural glow of light.
  2. Brighten up your walls. Even though dark colors can be warm and stylish, when your space is small and light is needed, go for bright and pale colors. Even if painting your walls in a warmer (not dark) color, consider a bright white ceiling, which will reflect in the room and help to brighten the room.
  3. Replace flooring. A grey tile or dark carpet can literally suck out any light you have. You might consider replacing the entire flooring if it is within our budget or just place some strategic light carpets or rugs to create lighter areas within the room.
  4. Add lighting. This seems to be the obvious solution. Whether a complete new overhead lighting is in the budget or an additional bright floor lamp, additional lighting can always help. Consider layering lighting to be able to adjust according to situation and mood.
  5. Choose the right decorations. Tiles of small mirrors hung in clusters can help to give the illusion of another window. Floor length mirrors in nooks or hallways can help as well. Glass décor like a glass mirrored table or wall hangings can help to increase the feeling of openness while attracting more light.

Decorate Your Windows with the Outside in Mind

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Comfortex-Shangri-LaWe are always concerned what our window covering will look like when installed, what atmosphere they will create and how they will add to our interior décor. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is how your window treatment looks like from the street and outside of the house.

Have soft Silhouette window blinds in the guest bedroom facing the street, but the dining area has roman shades? Wood blinds in your breakfast area and solar shades in the living room? Driving through neighborhoods and seeing the mixing and matching inside homes from the streetside looks unbalanced and cluttered. Question is, are we decorating for us or for the people driving by our house? Off course it is more important to enjoy the inside of our homes, but the outside shouldn’t be completely overlooked. Most people will not stay in their homes for decades and the time of having to sell your home will come. Keeping certain areas of the home uniform could make a difference for a potential buyer when your house will hit the market. Some people will even invest that additional money to add curb appeal, so the large window area in the front of your house will leave just as much of an impression as everything else.

Even if you aren’t mixing and matching as described above, we hear customers all the time wanting to change products on a door or sidelight window because they feel a 2” wood blind might be too heavy for these little windows. Not at all!! Continuing the flow of the same window treatment is much more pleasing to the eye than switching to a 1” wood blind or breaking away to an entirely different product all together. Many of today’s custom made products come in very narrow sizes, so even sidelights can be covered with the same product you used in your formal living or dining room to keep things uniform and flowing.

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