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Decorate Your Windows with the Outside in Mind

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Comfortex-Shangri-LaWe are always concerned what our window covering will look like when installed, what atmosphere they will create and how they will add to our interior décor. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is how your window treatment looks like from the street and outside of the house.

Have soft Silhouette window blinds in the guest bedroom facing the street, but the dining area has roman shades? Wood blinds in your breakfast area and solar shades in the living room? Driving through neighborhoods and seeing the mixing and matching inside homes from the streetside looks unbalanced and cluttered. Question is, are we decorating for us or for the people driving by our house? Off course it is more important to enjoy the inside of our homes, but the outside shouldn’t be completely overlooked. Most people will not stay in their homes for decades and the time of having to sell your home will come. Keeping certain areas of the home uniform could make a difference for a potential buyer when your house will hit the market. Some people will even invest that additional money to add curb appeal, so the large window area in the front of your house will leave just as much of an impression as everything else.

Even if you aren’t mixing and matching as described above, we hear customers all the time wanting to change products on a door or sidelight window because they feel a 2” wood blind might be too heavy for these little windows. Not at all!! Continuing the flow of the same window treatment is much more pleasing to the eye than switching to a 1” wood blind or breaking away to an entirely different product all together. Many of today’s custom made products come in very narrow sizes, so even sidelights can be covered with the same product you used in your formal living or dining room to keep things uniform and flowing.

Shangri-La Sheer Shades & Hardware Options

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Choices, Choices, Choices! A good quality product comes with options and so does the Comfortex Shangri-La, a product very much like the Silhouette shades offered by Hunter Douglas. Elegant layers of sheer with functional fabric vanes in-between create an elegant window treatment with simple lines. The fabric can be rolled up and completely hide in a cassette like headrail. Here are the headrail options that can be chosen when deciding on sheer shades.


  • UltraSleek Headrail UltraSleek hardware offers a soft curved headrail with a minimal top light gap. The UltraSleek rail system conceals the clutch mechanism and comes with a fabric insert matching the fabric vane. The UltraSleek headrail is offered in white or Oil Rubbed bronze to create a finished look to your Shangri-La Shades.
  • UltraSleek Plus Headrail This headrail has all the same benefits of the UltraSleek headrail with the benefit of accommodating larger shadings. Shades wider or longer than 84” have to be ordered with the slightly bigger UltraSleek Plus Headrail. Again white or Oil Rubbed Bronze can be ordered to complete the look.
  • Color coordinated Aluminum Headrail The Aluminum headrail color corresponds with the fabric color of the shade. This headrail is available for the 2” vane shadings only.
  • Motorization Motorized shades are the ultimate in convenience. A shade or a group of shades can be operated with the push of a button. This feature is a must for hard to reach windows. Eliminating the continuous cord adds a clutter free look. A timer can be ordered for automated operation of the shades.
  • Metal Roller Headrail This system features a clutch operated continuous cord loop for easy lifting. Well suited for large shades, easy positioning of fabric vanes is possible. This headrail can be ordered as an under top treatment solution or for a modern look.
  • Door Styles This system is ideal for sidelights, narrow windows or French doors. Door Styles are always in the lowered position and can’t be raised., tilting of the vanes into an open or closed position is possible. The hardware is color coordinated to the shades fabric.
  • Cord Loops The standard cord loop is made of Polyester and is white in color. When ordering the Oil Rubbed Bronze colored hardware the Polyester cord is brown. Beaded chain instead of the Polyester cord can be specified at the time of order and is available in white, black, bronze (metal), or steel.

Our Bestseller

Monday, March 31st, 2014

We often receive phone calls with questions concerning what our bestsellers are. What are current trends? And what is a great value for my money? Over the past three years, there is one product that has outsold any other product by leaps and bounds!

Comfortex Shangri-La’s, better known under the term Silhouette Shades, is hands down the winner when it comes to most sold product at Ace of Shades Window Coverings. Why have Silhouette-like shades become such a hot trend? That is easy to answer. First of all they are very functional and practical. And isn’t that the essence of a new window covering? With excellent light control, privacy control and stunning beauty they embody the whole package. The soft and feminine look is created by two sheers, one in front and one in back, with in-between layers of suspended fabric vanes, which can be opened and closed for varying degrees of privacy and light-control. Shangri-La Sheer Shades can be lowered with all vanes closed, partially or fully raised or lowered with the vanes in the open position for a soft view outside. The product is in its appearance symmetrical and has sleek even lines which add calming presence to any room. Whether one prefers a light filtering material, well-suited for living areas, or darkening fabrics four bedrooms is a matter of preference. Our quality shade is equipped with a strong continues polyester cord that fully operates the shade. It lowers and raises, opens and closes vanes or tilts to a specific angle. A stylish cassette headrail with matching fabric insert conceals the entire shade when fully raised. Also color selection is plentiful, offering many soft white and off-whites as well as warmer browns and tans all the way to black.

We agree and understand why popularity of this product is so enormous. It is a product that we can highly recommend for its beauty, all around performance and value.

Holiday Dress Up Event

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner. More than likely you will have family and friends gathering at your house and come together. So if you are in business for new blinds and shades, why not take advantage of the holiday sales as well as rebates right now?

To celebrate the holidays in style with the right window covering we always come back to our sheer window shadings. These shades are the embodiment of class and style. Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades combine functionality and beauty. This sophisticated product mostly known under the term Silhouette Shades, a sheer shade combining the function of a blind and the beauty of a shade. Our sheers offer vane rotation, they can be opened or closed for varying degrees of privacy or your shade can be raised and completely be tucked away into the headrail / cassette system. We offer the two inch and three inch vane size depending on preference and size of your windows. Our holiday savings event for sheer shades will last through December and does include Vertical Sheers. At this special time of your you can enjoy 15% off discount as well as a 25 dollar mail in rebate per shade ordered.

So be sure to take advantage now and make your home warm and welcoming for your friends and family and of course yourself to enjoy. Happy holidays!

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