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Modern Style Decorating – How To

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

livingWant to create the modern look, but aren’t quite sure on how to achieve that look? Here is what the modern style is all about along with some examples and tips on how to create it.

The modern look is all about neutrality and minimalism. Simple color schemes, clean lines, no clutter is what it’s all about. Often geometrical shapes are part of that look, everything is very specific and exact.
Here are some ways to make it happen:

Most often the color scheme in a modern style home is neutral. White, beige, grey or black are great base colors to start with. Strong pops of color are welcome, but not necessary. Colors shouldn’t be busy, but as the style suggests simplistic. The accents can be bold as a fiery red, bright orange or grass green.

Keep the overall look sleek with clean lines. As mentioned before, geometrical shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and more can be used. Overall these lines should be large pieces and furniture items to avoid a busy look. Sleek sheer horizontal shades, silhouette like blinds, are perfect to complement the simple lines.

Lighting and incoming light are welcome in the modern design. Large oversized windows, many light fixtures are often used as long as they follow the sleek and simple lines look.

Artwork is a must in a modern living room. Large round mirror, pieces that display a touch of color and are a conversation piece. In the otherwise minimalistic design, artwork creates often a focus point.

Tile, granite or even concrete are all well suited for our look. A glossy and polished look compliments what we are trying to achieve. It then can easily be paired with a textured rug to contrast the flooring.

Other Items
We often see glass coffee tables, black and white zebra prints. Pillows overall have well defined shapes, so square or round are great, just not rectangular with rounded corners. Accents can be in chrome, glossy black or lacquered wood to compliment the look.


Add Color to Your Life

Friday, April 4th, 2014

While neutral whites and off whites are classy and calming, they can also get a bit boring. When everything is tone in tone we can easily feel we need something to energize a room. So why not add a splash of color?

A splash of color can come from several sources. Add throw pillows to accent your cream couch. Windows are always a go to. Many color choices are available in the cellular shades product line, but also roller shades or sheer horizontal shades come in colors to energize your surroundings. Sometimes it’s enough to have a huge painting along with a couple of decors to bring out color. Or is it an access wall that will kick it up a notch?

Whichever route you want to go, it is important not to overdo it here. A little color can bring a room to life, but painting the entire room in a strong vibrant color could change the effect from energizing to too busy and aggressive. Working with color is a lot of fun, and can change the appearance of an entire room.

Great colors for spring are greens and yellows. Also very energizing can be peppy blues, as long as they are not too dark. Red is often considered a happy color, again, just a splash or else it will turn to aggressive. Reds can very well be paired with orange in combination. Let the imagination and your taste be your guide!

Here are a few examples displaying window coverings and color:

Blue and green together screams “happy”. Be sure to always tie things together by having a second item in the same color, like a vase or some other deco piece.

Here a soft cellular shade in teal. Not too preppy, but certainly enhances the kitchen. Calming and enticing it simply works.

Here a warm brown brings the room to life. Again, the second item where the color is duplicated is in the comforter. It brings it all together.

This might be a bit much for most of us, but you never know 😉

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