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Design & Color Trends for 2015

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

MarsalaIt’s this time of the year again when the fashion and design industry have their eye on what the upcoming trends will be. While opinions vary, there also seems to be some consent:

One of the big colors the industries are betting on is Marsala. Marsala is a beautiful terracotta red shade with an undertone of brown. It is soothing and warm as well as earthy.
While Marsala will be found in apparel lines, nail polish, make up and home furnishings, we are certain we will also see it the window covering industry. Look for manufacturers to offer it in some of the cellular shades and sheer window shade lines.

As we said, the opinions vary and some are mentioning blue or green, we certainly feel though the trend is going to be representing warm and earthy tones. These colors will be strong enough to stand out, but soft enough to create a warm atmosphere. While our lives have been getting busier, where every minute of the day is allocated to to-do-lists and calendars and out attention is frequently turned towards our smart phones, the 2015 design trend will further lead towards tranquility. Our go to product for calm and peacefulness is the Silhouette like shades we offer by Comfortex. Shangri-La Sheer Shades, are probably going to further gain in popularity this year.

ww-samplesWe also see that the design trend is going back to nature. Products that reconnect us with our environment like woods, grasses and bamboo are ideal for this. Organic materials as they are found in woven wood shades are a great way to achieve this. And considering that 80% of people live in urban areas, having products that reconnect us with nature is more desired than ever.

2015 is sure to be exciting… we can’t wait as to what’s to come!

Decorating On A Budget

Friday, June 13th, 2014
  1. Window Coverings
    Opt for lower priced custom window coverings like faux wood blinds or cellular shades. They are beautiful and won’t break your bank like higher priced Silhouette-like shades might.
  2. Do it yourself
    Many thing can be done by yourself like your window treatments. Measuring and installing them isn’t rocket science. Even though it might take some attention to detail and the basics like hammer & screw, it can easily done by yourself. All things like painting, sewing throw pillows or maybe even tiling can save you a bundle of money.
  3. Call on Friends and Family
    Friends and family are great way to get feedback on your decorating ideas. Instead of having a decorator that will give solid advice, an additional pair of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off can be great before you get a project off the ground. Friends and family might even be there for you to slap on that extra coat of paint of help with other muscle intensive jobs.
  4. Imperfect Merchandise
    Sometimes the savings for furniture that has some scuffs or marks is amazing. With a little touch up marker you might be able to get a furniture or décor piece that has been greatly reduced and will be the perfect match for your home.
  5. Pre-Owned Pieces
    It is fun to browse yard sales, flea markets or even second hand stores. Browsing on a Saturday you might just run into that special piece that didn’t cost that much and you had a nice outing at the same time.
  6. Reuse old items of yours
    Why not take a fresh look at some old items you have and consider refurnishing, camouflaging them or simply reimagining them? Sometimes a fresh layer of paint can turn an outdated item into a jewel again.


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