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Cordless Upgrade Promotion Is Here

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Yeap, it’s that time of year again. During fall we like to come up with goodies, and here we have a great one for you. Good Housekeeping cellular shades and roller shades will be available with the free cordless upgrade. This child safety feature is a must for households with young children and pets.

When to upgrade to cordless shades is a good idea:

Any area in your house where you young child sleeps, stays or plays in should be equipped with a cordless shade. That means a nursery is a must! We see too many news reports where little ones have their crib too close to a window shade with cords and terrible accidents happen. Furniture items where a toddler can’t get on to reach the shade aren’t any guarantee. One day they will be able to climb and it is just a risk no one should take. Curiosity and the eagerness to play, paired with cords can mean life or death. So if possible, just get this upgrade in all your rooms!

Cordless shades are also a great option in any area where you simply don’t want to see dangling cords. Besides the safety issue, cordless shades are neater in appearance. An 84” cellular shade that has been raised all the way to the top has a cord of over 100 inches dangling on your floor. Not pretty! Yes, cord cleats are available to wind up your cord, but that doesn’t make the appearance any less cluttered or cleaner.

This is a great time to save a lot of money. Through the end of this month we will be offering the free upgrade on all cellular and roller shades. Even the cellular cordless top down / bottom up shades will have the free upgrade. Make sure to take advantage of it. :-)

Black And White

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

We are back to colors 😉
When you are in the process of deciding how to design or decorate a room, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself is how you want the room to feel? Great descriptive words could be cozy, dramatic, inviting, warm, sophisticated. Once you have made a decision on what your statement is supposed to be, you can start the process. Working with black and white can create a sophisticated, bold, edgy or modern look. Then it is time to find inspiration in magazines, look at fabrics or blogs like ours. Here are some ideas when decorating with black and white color:

Black and White Accent
An easy way to bring some black and white into a room is to work with accents. In the image below are Good Housekeeping cellular shades that create a splash with the black floral design on the white background. Here the shades become center of attention.

Refined Contrast
The almost black wooden floor gives a contemporary feel to the kitchen. The otherwise feminine white feel of the kitchen is in stark contrast to the more masculine black floors.

Checkerboard Tile
This kitchen with the checkerboard tile lends classic personality. The otherwise modern white kitchen allows for a splash of colors to bring the look to live. Here the splash is in form of flowers, but it could be a window shade or top treatment, a plant, tea pot or even small furniture piece. This kitchen pops!

In this kitchen black and white wallpaper with a floral design is used to add to the traditional flair. Soft off whites on the floor and rest of the wall softens the room. A splash of color in the middle of the island helps to avoid a dull look.

Mixed Patterns
When working with black and white you generally stick to few colors. And when working with few colors you can mix patterns! Look at this room with striped curtains, lines on the comforter and traditional wallpaper. A little bright color on a pillow and a small accent wall make it all work.

Not Overpowering
In this bedroom the black on the bedspread and walls is delicate and inspired by fine lines. The fine lines create a soft, feminine look.

A Different Kind Of Room Divider

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Good Housekeeping

Need your own little corner to place a desk and have your crafting area? Or maybe a little cozy corner is needed to place a chair and hide out and read? Or you could use that additional space to do bills and have your laptop? Instead of reinventing your living space with serious construction and funds, why not use a floating divider?

Good Housekeeping Panel Track shades are perfect to be installed any place you’d like to have a room divider. Simply measure the exact width you would want to separate two areas in a room and determine the height from floor to ceiling. And voila… there is your size needed for a new room divider. With a great array of materials, fabrics and colors to choose from it becomes easy to hide away and do paperwork, read or use it for whatever you have in mind. Panels nicely stack to give great functionality. Draw the panels into an open position or close them again to have your private nook. A traversing wand helps to slide the panels into the open and closed position as desired. It is that simple. Possibly want to have a screened view to keep an eye on your kids? No problem, a solar screen material or semi-private fabric gives the feeling of division without losing sight of what is going on on the other side. In case one prefers a full blown barrier, simply chose a darkening material with lining and full privacy is guaranteed. To finish off the durable headrail track a matching valance can be added to finish the look.

Custom window coverings don’t always have to be for windows only!

Buying Good Housekeeping Blinds and Other Ways to Secure Your Home

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Now that summer is here, millions of children all around the country are waking up with a bigger smile on their faces as school is done for a whole three months. While it’s certainly great to see your children more often, their constant presence does involve some challenges – one in particular is their safety around the home.  The home isn’t exactly a construction site filled with hazards, but children are creative and curious, so it’s important to safeguard your home against possible hazards. Here are several to keep in mind:

  • Keep pots and pan handles towards the oven when cooking: If your child wants to help you cook, that’s fantastic. But even the most prudent child can get a little overzealous, so it’s important to keep handles out of their reach. Many kitchen accidents involve overturned pots of boiled water or heated oil, so by keeping handles towards the back of the oven, your child can help you with safer tasks.
  • Make sure to shade your home with the right blinds: If you have small children, it’s imperative to take a look at the type of blinds you’re using to shade your home. One of the things to consider is replacement if your blinds are ten years or older. If you’re looking for a quality set of window shades that are designed to meet aesthetic demands as well as safety concerns, Good Housekeeping shades are the way to go. Make sure to opt for a cordless design to prevent any choking risks.
  • Secure bookshelves and heavy fixtures with anchors: Climbing things is a natural part of childhood. Children are curious and want to see what the world is like from higher ground. Unfortunately, they are not the most graceful of individuals, and fixtures aren’t meant to hold hundred pound children. Braces and anchors can secure these fixtures, so they don’t tip over, causing possible injury.


Interior Decorating with Your Children in Mind

Monday, April 29th, 2013

child holding stop sign

Your children are the most important thing in your life. Because of this, when making decisions, you must factor them into the process. When it comes to the decoration of your home, while you do want to be stylish, safety is paramount. Luckily, you can have both. Here are a few ideas to keeping a safe, stylish home.

  • Get the right type of shades: Shades bring functionality and style to any window in your home, but what kind of shades should you choose if you have young children in your home? Good Housekeeping’s line of shades and blinds is a good place to look because the designers started the line to give parents the option of having shades that were stylish and child-safe. Many Good Housekeeping shades feature cordless options, which will certainly help prevent many accidents.
  • Be careful with wood floors: Wood flooring may be beautiful, but it can also be the source of falls. That’s because wood flooring must be waxed often. If you do decide to get wood flooring, make sure to be mindful of when you wax and where your kids are, so you can prevent an overzealous, running child from falling. The same goes for mopping kitchen tile.
  • Consider rounded countertops: Rounded countertops can mean a huge difference in the number of times you hear your children cry. Toddlers have some sort of a magnetic attraction to the corners of countertops, so a rounded corner will cause much less damage than square-cornered countertop, which is good for everyone. Plus, they tend to look better as well.

If you’re looking for safe, child-friendly window coverings, give us a call: (866) 553-6088.

Good Housekeeping Blinds and Shades – Reviewed

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Almost 6 months ago we added the Good Housekeeping blinds and shades to our online offering. We wanted to take a look as to how this product line has stacked up to the other brands.

First of, we absolutely love how well rounded the product line is. Ranging from a solid selection in cellular shades as well as fabric roman shades your choice are solids, textures and patterns. Roller shades also offer a great variety of materials, all coordinating with other categories in their stunning prints, colors and patterns. Completely new to us are the vertical panel track shades, which are such a well suited product for large windows or even as a room divider. We love having a product like this now! The horizontal shades and blinds complete the offering, where our vote goes to the Sheer Horizontal Shades, that always translates into sophistication and beauty.

While Good Housekeeping experts put their emphasis on style and quality when they put together this line, they didn’t overlook the importance of safety for households with children and pets, including many products with cordless options. We think that is of utmost importance, considering the accidents that happen every year due to dangling cords which create a serious safety hazard. So, two thumbs up for offering a product with safety in mind.

Unlike other brands the Good Housekeeping brand is sold through authorized internet retailers only. How is that an advantage? It allows to offer products at best possible pricing. No marketing costs and overhead go into the big box stores or other local retailers that have to be serviced, and that means savings to you! Samples are always available through our sample ordering system, making it convenient and easy to view colors and fabrics first, before ordering the product of your choice.

But what stands out, is of course how every shade is backed by a solid warranty. The Good Housekeeping products are backed by the familiar Good Housekeeping Seal. In case a product bearing this seal is found to be defective, the manufacturer will repair it, replace it, or refund the cost to you, the customer.

So, even though this product line is also somewhat new to us, we can say a couple of things for sure: The line is beautiful and can be purchased worry-free, we believe it is simply a smart solution for any home owner.

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