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Design Considerations For Window Coverings

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

In the world of window coverings a variety of designs and benefits are offered to enhance interior living space. Most people are attracted to a certain look and choose based on looks. However finding the right blind or shade begins with the basic understanding of window covering characteristics and their benefits. Here are some things to consider:

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Living Space
Each area or room in a home has a primary activity. While a bedroom is an area for rest where darkening and privacy is a concern a living room area might have more of a focus on daily activity where lots of light and preserving a gorgeous view is desired. A home office would require soft light to work on your PC while a home theater room requires complete light control. In certain climates windows facing north might require additional insulation while in other parts of the country UV protection could be an issue to protect from too much damaging sun exposure.

Light Control & Privacy
Again you want to look at what degree of privacy or light control is required in an area to fulfill your needs. Bedrooms might need a lot more darkening for a person that needs a room to be completely dark in order to sleep, while another prefers to rise at the crack of dawn and welcomes the first rays of sunlight to filter into the room. Privacy will clearly always be required in a bedroom, which eliminates sheer products all together. When purchasing for a family room, some people might welcome a sheer window treatment to offer a beautiful view into a backyard, while others will have to maintain privacy and compromise with a treatment that allows a view. You want to be very clear what you need out of your window covering in these regards.

Child & Pet Safety
When considering beautiful new treatments this is often overlooked, but should be your first priority. Considering shades for a home with young children and pets should always have products with cordless features. Many products are available with hidden cords or cordless lifting systems and should be at least installed in children’s bedrooms, play areas or possibly all around the house.

Energy Efficiency
Today, homes are built with better insulation, and all the home trends are going towards energy efficient products. This is no different in the window covering industry. In homes where extreme heat or cold is an issue, window shades with additional insulating properties should be considered. While a single layered roller shade might be pretty to look at, a double honeycomb shade or wood blind would be a much better choice to keep the interior insulated.

Operating Systems
While a cordless shade will be nice to eliminate dangling cords, it might not be practical in a window that is hard to reach. Here a motorized shade could be the way to go. Or when considering a window treatment for a huge wall of windows, a stronger clutch operated shade would be recommended versus a standard lifting system that will wear out cords soon. Also, do you want flexibility to open and close slats or will you be happy to have a shade that is either lowered or raised? All these practical and functional issues should be thought about before making a decision on the right window covering.

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