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The Danger Of Window Blind Cords

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

cordless shadesWe have written many blogs about it and included pointers about blind and shade safety features in even more blogs. After yet reading about another story where a young child lost its life because of dangling cords, we again find a reason to write about it and bring awareness to this issue.

Most people rarely think of blinds being a health hazard for their child, but in reality it is. Unfortunately it can be a health hazard and in the worst case a household item that can kill. Young curious children want to explore everything around them. What more interesting thing cords…

However, the window covering manufacturers have reacted to this health hazard and have come up with very smart solutions. So now it is all about bringing awareness to this issue and making a decision to replace one blind and one shade at a time in homes where children are present. Today honeycomb shades, pleated shades, roller and solar shades all come with cordless lifting system. Utilizing a little handle at the bottom rail will eliminate dangling cords. By pushing the bottom rail up or pulling down the shade is lowered and raised. Even blinds like wood blinds and faux wood blinds are now available with cordless lifting systems. When pairing them with tilt wands all potentially dangerous cords are eliminated.

We recommend replacing shades in the rooms where children spent most time first. This includes their bedrooms, game rooms or play areas. Having cordless shades in your home will not only make it safer for your children, but also for our beloved four-legged friends. We often put out promotions that offer cordless upgrades at no cost to you, so be on the lookout for them. We want you to enjoy a safe and beautiful home!

Interior Decorating with Your Children in Mind

Monday, April 29th, 2013

child holding stop sign

Your children are the most important thing in your life. Because of this, when making decisions, you must factor them into the process. When it comes to the decoration of your home, while you do want to be stylish, safety is paramount. Luckily, you can have both. Here are a few ideas to keeping a safe, stylish home.

  • Get the right type of shades: Shades bring functionality and style to any window in your home, but what kind of shades should you choose if you have young children in your home? Good Housekeeping’s line of shades and blinds is a good place to look because the designers started the line to give parents the option of having shades that were stylish and child-safe. Many Good Housekeeping shades feature cordless options, which will certainly help prevent many accidents.
  • Be careful with wood floors: Wood flooring may be beautiful, but it can also be the source of falls. That’s because wood flooring must be waxed often. If you do decide to get wood flooring, make sure to be mindful of when you wax and where your kids are, so you can prevent an overzealous, running child from falling. The same goes for mopping kitchen tile.
  • Consider rounded countertops: Rounded countertops can mean a huge difference in the number of times you hear your children cry. Toddlers have some sort of a magnetic attraction to the corners of countertops, so a rounded corner will cause much less damage than square-cornered countertop, which is good for everyone. Plus, they tend to look better as well.

If you’re looking for safe, child-friendly window coverings, give us a call: (866) 553-6088.

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