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October is Window Covering Safety Month

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


October has started, and that means it is window covering safety month. Many people might not realize how important this month is to advocate for the safety of our children. Even though the window covering industry has made a big push in the last few years to create awareness and promote window shades with child safety features it doesn’t seem to do quite enough. Here are some sad statistics that we want to point out today. It is so important for us to have products in our home that will keep out children safe. Cordless blinds and shades… all the way!

  • Children strangle every 2 weeks in the US on window covering cords
  • Children between the ages of 8 months to 2 years have strangled on cords
  • Injuries can be catastrophic, some never walk, talk or play again
  • Since 1996 355 children have strangled on window covering products
  • Over 40% of these accidents were around products that are compliant with the national safety standard
  • Strangulation is a silent killer; many of the accidents occurred while a caregiver was close by; even in the same room

These statistics are devastating and have unfortunately not gotten much better over the years. With window covering safety month in mind, we are offering free cordless upgrades on many of our products. All Good Housekeeping Roller Shades & Cellular Shades are includes, Comfortex Roller Shades & Comfortex Cellular Shades feature the free upgrade as well. Please, be safe and buy cordless!

Phifer ShearWeave Solar Shades

Friday, August 8th, 2014

comfortex-solar-shadesIt’s summer, it’s hot, the sun is glaring, and the energy bill is high. We are all looking for relief from smoldering summer temperatures, especially down here in Texas. Let’s talk about Comfortex Solar Shades and Roller Shades, the Phifer materials to narrow it down.

Solar shades and roller shades are essentially the same thing; just different materials are in the offerings. Phifer’s solar materials are woven from vinyl coated polyester yarns, light weight and durable at the same time. Solar materials are so practical, because cleaning them is pure convenience. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the material clean, no dust catcher here!

Let’s talk functionality of Phifer materials. Here is what solar shade materials can do:
Reduce glare, cut heat and protect interiors from damaging UV rays. A solar shade, while allowing a few out!!, still cut’s UV rays depending on openness factor. Wooden floors, wood furniture, paintings and more are therefore protected from fading and losing color intensity. When direct sunlight hits a window in your home and the glare it at its peak, by lowering the shade it is significantly reduced, dimming the light just enough to be comfortable. Same with the heat, the intensity of the warmth entering the room is cut down dramatically helping to lower your electricity bill.

Our Phifer products are made by Comfortex Window Fashions that offer high performance quality paired with a limited lifetime warranty on all shades. A strong metal roller ensures that large products can easily be supported, whereas other companies often use cheaper plastic tubes. An optional cassette helps to conceal the tube for anybody that prefers a more finished look. The bottomrail is fabric wrapped as well.

Phifer materials have been such a hot seller that last year a palette of new fabrics has been added. Now added texture as well as darkening materials are in the assortment for more choices and colors.

One important thing to keep in mind though, they do not provide full privacy at night, even though they do during the day!

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