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Summer is here

What a great time! The days get longer, our kids start getting out of school and some vacations are planned. This is also the time where lots of folks have to think and maybe worry about their electricity bill.

Ace of Shades is located in Texas, so we know all about the heat. It is close to the end of June and we have had many days now around and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With gas prices as high as they are, so have our light bills seen increases. This is the time to do what we can to keep our air conditioned cool air inside and the heat out. So, what products do we recommend for insulation?

Best suited are cellular shades, also referred to as honeycomb shades. The enclosed honeycomb design creates a pocket, that traps air inside the cell. It acts as an insulating barrier, to keep hot air out and cool air inside. Depending on what cellular product is selected, insulation can be increased. A higher R-value is achieved with a blackout shade for example. Most blackout shades have a foil lining on the inside of the cell, kicking insulation up a notch. Also great for increased R-value is the double honeycomb shade. It pairs two cells in front of each other, creating a double layer of material to help insulate. Most manufacturers now a day’s make R-value charts readily available. So, whoever wants to see facts on what does what, just ask for it 😉

Another product not to overlook is the solar shade. This product won’t work for everybody, since it is a “see through” shade. Depending on openness factor, a screened view through is its characteristic. So, for any window where privacy is needed, this will not be right for you.
But where a view is desired, solar shades are wonderful in UV protection. They cut glare and keep your rooms cool as well. With new looks and textures available that give it more of a fabric or woven look they are gaining in popularity fast!

Check out our online selection today or contact us, we’d be glad to guide you along the way.

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