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Refresh your look for Spring

Spring is upon us and daylight savings time is around the corner. This is the time when we all like to let the sunshine in and soak up every ray of light we can get. It’s the perfect time to rethink our window treatments. A new window treatment can change the entire look of our room, it is a very powerful way to decorate.

When going for a fresh look, we shouldn’t to forget about functionality though. It is about looks, practicality and light control. The trend today is clearly going away from too much fabric. Simplicity and sleek simple design, soft fabrics, lot’s of light is what we find today. Instead of covering our windows with heavy curtains, roman shades with huge cornices or valance, it is sleek rails or cassettes, soft sheer fabrics and light filtering materials that allow light in. We are getting away from heavy fabrics that might be pretty, but make us feel closed in. One of the most thought after products are the Sheer Horizontal shades, better known and referred to as Silhouette Shades. Sheer layers are in the front and back of the shade, creating a treatment with softness allowing for a sheer view out when in the open position. In-between these sheers are “floating” vanes in light filtering or room darkening material, that will give the functionality. We need these vanes to create privacy and light control while creating beautiful clean lines decorating the window. Sheer Horizontal shades are calming while beautiful and decorative. Instead of weighing our room down, we create lightness and open up our living space. Sheer Horizontal shades can be pulled up into a clean sleek headrail. A cassette houses a roller type mechanism that will roll the fabric up into the rail avoiding gathers of folds and fabric.

With this simple and clean looking solution, the mix of modern lines and soft sheerness along with functionality is the perfect treatment to let spring inside ones home. And maybe you even want to add a splash of color to brighten your spirits after these dreary winter blues.

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