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FAQ: What are my Shangri-La Sheer Shades Fabric Options?

We have many visitors that are interested in Sheer Shades. We do offer the Comfortex Shangri-La, which is offered in four different fabrics. So the question we get is: What are the differences in these fabrics? Let me lay out the differences, along with some images that will help as well. These materials that I am describing below are the center vane material that is “floating” between two layers of sheer fabric.


First, the 4 different fabrics that Comfortex offers in the 2” as well the 3” vane size are the:


  • Eternity collection (light-filtering)
  • Paradise collection (light-filtering)
  • Linen collection (light-filtering)
  • Moonlight collection (room-darkening)


The fabrics explained:


Eternity Collection:

The Eternity collections’ fabric is a light-filtering material, our most popular seller. This material works well in all living areas, allowing plenty of light in while giving privacy when in the closed position. This material is the more elegant and slightly higher priced than the Paradise collection; the fabric is woven (vs. pressed) and it is currently offered in 20 tones in the 2” collection and 5 tones in the 3” fabric collection.


Paradise Collection:

Our Paradise collection is also a light-filtering material, offering the same privacy and light properties as the Eternity collection does. The material is a pressed material (vs. woven) and has a fantastic price point. This collection was introduced last year and is offered in 5 colors in the 2” as well as 3” fane size.


Linen Collection:

Also the Linen Collection is light-filtering, offering privacy while illuminating the room when light filters through. The linen material features like the Eternity collection a woven (vs. pressed material). The fabric variances create a linen-inspired look. It has the same price point as the eternity collection and is available in the 2” vane size only. The material is available in 4 colors.


Moonlight Collection:

This is our room-darkening fabric, ideal for bedrooms, media rooms or any area where light control is desired. The 2” vane size is offered in 6 colors, while the 3” size has a limit of 4.


Please remember, that all these differences in texture you can quite clearly see on these images, will fade out a bit once the sheer fabric covers the center vanes up. Also, these images are off course zoomed in, once in your window, this detail as shown above is hardly visible. But most importantly, when in doubt, always ask us to send out an actual sample, after all… they are custom made and changes can not be made after they have been made 😉 Just email us.

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