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The run down on Roman Shades

Roman shades are becoming more and more popular window treatments in upscale homes and designer magazines because of the beautiful and soft fabric folds that are created when the shade is raised or lowered. Roman shades offer classic and clean lines to maintain a sophisticated look throughout your home. Depending on manufacturer, roman shades are window treatments that utilize a series of fabric tapes, rings and cords that are stitched onto the backside of the fabric for raising and lowering the shades which draws up into horizontal folds when raised.  Pricing is usually in the upper price range of window treatments, as they are more labor intensive. Off course there are many places, especially on the net, where pricing will be more competitive on top name brand products.


Before purchasing a roman shade, there are different design options one can choose from. A flat panel roman shade is perfectly flat when it is fully extended. Next to the contemporary flat panel shade is the hobbled or “tear-drop” style that offers gentle folds for added dimension. Another consideration is what level of light control you will need. Is it a bedroom (darkening material), a living area (light should filter into the room) etc. And then off course the material itself – crinkled, with pattern, shiny etc? Lastly you will have to make a decision on operating system. Standard lift, top down-bottom up (where applicable), motorized lift etc.


While there are places online where one can find cheap roman shades, we certainly recommend sticking with a major brand, where the manufacturer’s experience is paired with a solid warranty. After all, creating a comfortable and inviting living space is one of the most important investments you can make.  

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