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Roller Shades – and the finished dimensions are…

Roller Shades are back!

An old favorite has been revamped, and is now offered with options like never before. The fabric choices available today are plentiful, ranging from simple to classy, meeting the most exquisite taste.


Important to point out is the fit of a Roller Shade. Roller Shades are different than any other blind or shade. The deductions taken off the fabric and tube on inside or outside mounts are much bigger than on any other window covering. A Roller Shade mounted on the inside of a window casing, has two little brackets that “grip” around the sides of the shade. The tube has a pin on each side, which rest inside these brackets. The construction of the shades therefore has a tube that has to be quite a bit narrower than the opening of the casing. Same thing with the fabric, it has a deduction taken off the ordered width that is bigger than any other product, in order to properly spool on the tube.


The deduction taken off the fabric ranges from a little over 1” (providing a clearance of +1/2” on each side of your shade) to almost 1 ¾” (clearance is 7/8” on each side). It is not possible to simply order the shade wider than the opening of your window fram, since a fit is not possible, once the pins and brackets are installed. Therefore, for everyone who is looking for a room-darkening product, working with an inside mount application, be aware of the light gap!! The product might not be the right choice, if this gap will bother you. Also, having a gap on very small window applications might not be what your personal preference is. In such a case, please look into other products where small deductions are taken. Cellular shades have minimal deductions taken, Comfortex even makes a system which eliminates this light gap altogether by using a track that is mounted on each side. Another solution is to simply switch to an outside mount application, where the shade can overlap each side by the desired amount.


For anybody interested in the beautiful Roller Shades, we have provided on each product page a “mounting requirements” section, which does display the finished dimensions of every product avoiding any surprises. And as always… give us a ring when uncertain about any technicalities or any issues for that matter. We love to help!

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