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Ready made versus custom made blinds

When shopping for window blinds or shades there are two routes one can go. The ready-made blind / shade or the custom made product. There really could only be one single reason opting for a ready-made product. That would be price. Ready-mades are cheap, but also cheaply made L Usually available in discount chain stores or some department stores, the selection is small and sizes will be usually longer than most windows, in order to fit as many windows as possible.


Window casings generally do measure slightly different even if designed to be the “same” size. What does that mean when hanging ready-made products in these different size windows? They all fit differently with bigger and some smaller light gaps are often too long with the bottom of the shade bunched up, creating a sloppy ill-fitted look.


This is already giving us some clues about the benefits of custom made blinds and shades. Every custom blind will be fabricated after point of order, and cut to the nearest 1/8” inch. This ensures a clean tight fit in width and height so every window can be dressed and fitted correctly. By the way, we do not exactly impress either, when wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy and long 😉


Custom blinds have much better quality hardware, components, fabrics & materials; this translates into thicker more durable slats, better woven and designed fabrics, thicker materials and made to last cordlocks, tilt-mechanisms and so on. Also far superior is the range of products, colors, fabrics and materials, ensuring to find something for everyone’s taste and decor. A custom made shade always comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, usually for a limited lifetime.


When creating a comfortable and inviting living space around us, it is so important to create a harmonic and beautiful environment that we can enjoy, feel good about and that is pleasing to our senses. A quality window treatment will help to do just that.



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