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Roller Shades – Plain or dressed up?

Are you about to purchase shades for your windows? You will have to make the decision whether to dress them plain or to dress them up when it comes to our Roller Shades.

Roller shade products are widely known. However, when ordering roller shades today there are numerous new options available. The old-fashioned rollup shade that exposed a roller tube up on top is still available today. This is a standard or as I would call it plain roller shade. Nothing wrong with it and it works in many applications. The material falls usually off the back behind the tube and exposes the roll in front. This could actually also be reversed, where the fabric rolls off the front, kind of like a waterfall.

Want to be dressier? Order a cassette, almost like a valance. A cassette is like housing for the tube, concealing the roll and giving it a sleeker cleaner look. Cassettes usually have a matching fabric insert to match the rest of the shade and give it uniformity. Unlike old-fashioned roller shades today standard shade has a continuous beaded chain to lower and raise the shade. This allows for precise positioning. Would like to go cordless? With a sleek modern grip or an optional tassel the shade can be cordless to ensure child safety. Today’s roller shades come in an array of fabrics and colors, with more selections than ever before. Even the largest of windows can be covered with Roller Shades when choosing a quality brand. So why not think of a roller shade when decorating a room and going instead of plain Jane too dressed up? Check out our pictures below and always feel encouraged to call with questions you might have.

RS Close Up Tan  Roller-Shade-Ultra-Sleek-Pl

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