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Kids…. Cords…. Caution!

October 1st, 2013

October is here again, National Window Covering Safety Month. And like every year, we are writing about the safety in your home again. Unfortunately we do get updates about the accidents that happen around the country regarding window coverings and it is devastating every time. It’s mostly and sadly the same, dangling cords are a […]

The Beauty of Blinds

September 26th, 2013

There is a very wide range of attractive ways to decorate window spaces and scores of different products on the market. Blinds are one of the most popular options, and within this category there is a great deal of choice, depending on personal taste and design requirements of the home. The thoughtful use of blinds can also […]

If You Love Reimagining Bali Window Coverings for Different Looks, You Might Want to Make a Career Out of It

May 31st, 2013
interior design

If you’ve been considering a career change or want to try something out that caters to your own skillsets or passions, try answering these questions: Are you constantly looking through Bali window coverings, Comfortex cellular shades and other products on this and other outlets and dreaming of ways to make them fit your home’s décor? […]

Buying Good Housekeeping Blinds and Other Ways to Secure Your Home

May 30th, 2013

Now that summer is here, millions of children all around the country are waking up with a bigger smile on their faces as school is done for a whole three months. While it’s certainly great to see your children more often, their constant presence does involve some challenges – one in particular is their safety […]

Buying Comfortex Cellular Shades and Other Recommendations for Your Home Renovation Project

May 29th, 2013
home renovation

Whether you’re renovating your home to make it more appealing to prospective home buyers or just want a new look to come home every day to, it’s important to know that the renovation process is just that: a process. It is something that should be planned out very carefully as a misstep could result in […]

How Shading and Viewing Position Create the Perfect Home Movie Theater Experience

May 22nd, 2013
Living Room as Your Own Personal Home Movie Theatre

Now that we’re in the summer months, movie studios are bombarding us with a new blockbuster each weekend. The temptation is great too as the 2013 summer movie season includes Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek into Darkness, The Hangover 3, Fast and Furious 6, Man of Steel as well as indies like […]

Create a Sacred Space with the Help of Cellular Shades

April 29th, 2013

In late April, Debbie Woodbury wrote a piece in the Huffington Post on creating a sacred space in your home. As a cancer survivor, she credits part of her healing on reflection. One of the things she mentions is having a corner of a room or a place by her window dedicated to being a […]

Interior Decorating with Your Children in Mind

April 29th, 2013

Your children are the most important thing in your life. Because of this, when making decisions, you must factor them into the process. When it comes to the decoration of your home, while you do want to be stylish, safety is paramount. Luckily, you can have both. Here are a few ideas to keeping a […]

Part Your Window Shades, Think of Cleopatra

April 26th, 2013
History of window blinds: Old Egypt to modern day

You’re about to indulge in a subject that’s not talked about every day – the history of window covers … a surprisingly wondrous subject worth exploring. After reading this, you’re going to appreciate the window furnishings in your home every time you part them, roll them up, or tie them in a not. You’ll think […]

Preparing Your Home for the Summer Heat With Cellular Window Shades

March 22nd, 2013
Cell Shades

Summer is approaching quickly and while it might not quite feel like spring yet, it’s still important to prepare for the upcoming months of warm weather. Right now, you are probably welcoming the sun into your home but it won’t be long before you’re looking for ways to keep the sun from beating into your […]

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