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Our Sheer Blinds Provide Comfort and Light Control for Your Home

Blinds are one of the most popular window treatments available today, and they are constantly evolving. Our sheer blinds offer the convenience of a blind overlaid with translucent curtains. This allows you to open your blinds to the sun, while still providing a degree of shade using the curtain to screen the interior; if you desire additional darkness, just close the vanes and try our room darkening blinds, which also protect your belongings from sun fade.

Some people replace their blinds in the winter, believing they need to remove them in order to hang thicker curtains to better insulate their windows, but this is not always the case. Blinds, our sheer blinds in particular, can be left in place within the frame of the window while heavier curtains can be hung across the outside of the frame. Not only will this provide an extra layer of protection from the cold air, but when the weather permits, the heavier curtains can be drawn back so that the blinds can let the sunlight inside the house. Both can be used together on standard and picture windows alike.

In a sunroom where the windows are divided into sections in each wall, our sheer blinds can be alternated with one of our other window treatments during the winter so that there is always light coming in from one direction, while the other windows are shut tight to block cold air. Curtains can be hung over the top of the blinds here, as in other areas of the house, for maximum and cold protection and optimal light filtration.

With our silhouette-styled thin blinds at Ace of Shades, any home can look good and remain comfortable and efficient throughout the year. Check out our selection of different styles, sizes, and colors today!



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