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Top 5 mistakes when ordering custom window blinds

When ordering a custom made window blinds and shades, you want to use care and caution and prepare well to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. Custom made products are made to your specifications and can therefore not be exchanged or returned. We thought it might be helpful to point out the top 5 “risk factors” or pitfalls that we have observed over the years when receiving orders for custom blinds and shades. Here we go, the do’s and don’ts:


  1. Please be precise! Precision PAYS when measuring for your windows. Always use a metal tape measure, not a wooden one or one you would use in the apparel industry. Please read our online measuring instructions. Also, we recommend double checking your measurements. It doesn’t hurt to check your measurements to avoid any surprises later on.
  2. Please don’t assume that the factory will add to your shade’s length when ordering for an outside mount (doors, outside the casing, on frames etc.) Blinds or shades will always be made to the exact length you are ordering. This means, you have to allow for your mounting surface and include it in the length you are providing. This allowance is depending on the product and the size of the headrail you are choosing and can be found in our “mounting requirements” section of each product page.
  3. Please do not take your own inside mount deduction. When mounting inside a window’s frame, the factory will take the necessary deduction in the product’s width to ensure proper clearance to operate the window covering properly. So, on inside mounts, the exact opening of the casing should be provided.
  4. It is important to check if you have enough mounting surface for the desired product. Some window shades will need more mounting depth (for inside mounts) than others. We have listed for each product, in the mounting requirements section of the product page, what the minimum mounting needs are. Please check before ordering!
  5. Please do not assume color. We, at Ace of Shades go through great lengths to provide digital images of fabric swatches and blind samples for your convenience; however, these should only be used as a reference point. Your computer’s calibration might be different as well as other factors that come into play. Where an exact color match or texture is desired, please verify and view an actual sample locally or through ordering to avoid any surprises upon receiving your new product.


Please don’t get too frightened 😉 We have very few orders where something does actually go wrong. But the above list might possibly prevent a future hick up. And always… when in doubt, please call us, an industry expert will certainly erase any questions you might have to ensure that your new window treatment will work and meet or exceed your needs.

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