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New colors for our popular Sheer Shades!

We have just added new colors to one our most popular products. The Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades! We sell a lot of these high end and highly versatile products. Sheer Shades are soft in appearance, sophisticated and give you all the functionality you are looking for when adding a window treatment. Light control, privacy, view & great looks.

Shangri-La Sheer Shades are made of 2 layers of sheer material, with light-filtering or room-darkening fabric vanes floating in between.  Shangri-La shades have a metal housing in which the entire shade rolls up into. When lowering it, it comes down with the vanes in a flat laying closed position, giving privacy and light control. Once the shade is lowered all the way down, the vanes open for a screened, sheer view out.

The Shangri-La has been mostly available in soft and neutral colors. Neutral is often a safe choice when decorating. White and off whites go with just about any décor, and the surroundings can change (as in paint, top treatments etc.) while the shade can remain the same. However, more and more people are looking for bold choices. Comfortex has now added 6 new colors in the 2” & 3” vane size. New is the bold “Cocoa Bean”, as rich as a Hershey’s Chocolate bar.  Then there are warm colors like the rich “Goldenrod & Honey”. Also new is “Black”, a wonderful color when adding drama or making a loud statement. Then there is the delicious Mocha, as well as the nature inspired Sage. These new tones will be a dream for the person that wants to play with color.

Along with the new colors comes an improvement to the sheer material of the shade. In the past the Shangri-La had two coarser sheer layers in front and back. Now, the sheer in the front is a finer, more delicate material, whereas the sheer in the back is still the coarser sheer for a great view out. This is just an additional touch, which improves the quality and chic look. As always, to feel and experience our fabrics, before you buy… please contact us to reqeust a sample!

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