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Ace of Shades has a new Look!

Welcome back to Ace of Shades! We have given our site a newer , fresher and more updated look. We hope you like it.

We frequently hear from visitors that they really like how our site is easy to navigate and that they are easily able to find what it is they are looking for when shopping for window shades and blinds. With this in mind, we actually have not changed much about the overall navigation of our site. We still have our shop by product, and shop by brand always easily accessable from every page. So if you are browsing for Bali Blinds or Cellular shades, our product links are clearly marked. When following them, every product has it’s own image, along with a product description. This is also the page that where you can view the available colors for the prdocut line. By hovering over the product a larger image pops up, displaying image, color name and number. This page also shows images of possible options, like different lift options, headrail options etc. It also gives charts of pricing and necessary mounting requirements.  From there you can go to a customization page, where sizes and specifics can be entered for complete pricing and ordering.

We hope this new look with rich colors, the wider web design is enjoyable to you. For anybody who has suggestions on how to make our site better, please contact us, we love to hear what you think!

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