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New and improved!

Bali has come out with their revamped Roller Shades and Solar Shades line. Fresh fabrics, bigger selection and a new lifting system have arrived.

First about the fabrics: In the Solar Shades line we find new materials that cover the 7% and 5% openness category. Also new: We find texture. Besides the traditional screened Vinyl on Polyester material, we now find texture, warmer colors and grass or woven inspired looks. New materials include Steppe, Shoji, Arbor and more. In the Roller Shades line we also have new fabrics in the offering. New prints and fabrics with sheen, grass-inspired feel, or sheer fabrics have been rolled out. These new fabrics are Tuscan, Gemstone and Fiddlestix. Colors are fresh and modern and work with almost any decor.

Bali is also introducing the new Dual Shade function. The Dual Shades allow you to have two shades in one. Two fabrics can be combined.  You now can pair a sheer solar shade material for a screened view out with a darkening material for light control and added privacy. Two shades are sitting inside a decorative large curved cassette, the left chain operates the sheer material, whereas the right shade lowers and raises the room-darkening shade or vice versa.

Also new is the SmatPull retractable cord. To eliminate cord loops which can be a hazard to small children and house pets, a retractable cord has been added to improve safety. This cord always remains at a constant length when retraced.   

Bali Roller Shades usually come with the exposed tube. The shade is operated by a plastic or stainless steel beaded chain. Upgrades can be made by ordering the cordless lift, SmartPull or motorized lift for added convenience. Another option is to conceal by adding a curved fabric covered cassette headrail or a square corner valance.

Please feel free to browse the newly added products. We’d be glad to send color samples for you to review. Every shade comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty and is priced just right 😉

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