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Introducing: Naturelle Sheer Shades

The time is here. Ace of Shades has taken on a new Label: Naturelle Blinds & Shades. The first product line we have added to our online selection: Naturelle Sheer Shades. The Sheer Horizontal product line is one of our most popular one; a beautiful product, with functionality, versatility and style.

Sheer Shades feature two layers of sheers with 2” or 3” fabric vanes “floating” in-between them. The fabric vanes can be closed for privacy and light control, tilted into the open position for a sheer view out or the entire shade can be raised up for an unobstructed view outside. The product rolls neatly into the headrail, so when raised no stack is visible. Sheer Shades are soft window treatments that suit almost any décor. From the modern look with clean lines to the traditional look, Sheer shades add elegance and class to your home.

Our fabric selections are light-filtering for living areas or room –darkening for bedrooms. The vane sizes are 2” for the traditional look or 3” for a more bold and modern look. Naturelle Shades are more competitively priced, but offer the same quality and craftsmanship as our other brands do. Our manufacturer has over 26 years of experience and every product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As always, contact us for color samples to get a feel for fabric and colors 😉 You’ll like what you see!

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