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Update Your Home with Modern Window Treatments

In many newer, modern style homes it is hard to find the right window treatments to complement the style. Window treatments have such a major impact on the style and feel of a room that they can totally alter the intended effect if they are of a different style. While traditional styles are abundant, more modern designs are a bit harder to find. But even with more limited options there are some great styles to choose from.


One option that is sometimes overlooked is aluminum or vinyl mini blinds. Since these are often the least expensive option, they are sometimes ignored or not even considered for higher end homes. But their minimalist style can actually be a very effective match to a modern decor. And especially when used on a large window the stark contrasts of light and dark, sun and shade, they create can be very striking. And of course, the fact that they are inexpensive is not likely to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Another type of window covering that works well in a modern setting is sheer shades. These are simple and elegant window coverings that are minimalist by design so they fit well with the themes of a modern room. Sheer shades are essentially like fabric covered mini blinds. When closed they can be light filtering or light blocking but when in the open position they filter in light through the sheer outer fabric that gives them their name. And of course they can be raised for an unobstructed view. In either down position the simple appearance of the sheer covers makes them easy to coordinate with the style of almost any room. It is just a matter of selecting the vane size and preferred color.

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