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Ideas For A Modern Living Room

If you want to focus on one room in your home to put all your heart and soul into, the living room could be the room that makes a whole lot of sense. It is often that space that is open to anyone that comes into your home and where family as well as friends and guests meet and mingle. Here are some ideas to help you put your living room on display and make it stand out:

Light – lot’s of light
Allow lots of light to enter your room and keep colors and this room light and airy. While packing lots of things into a living room, avoid weighing it down with dark colors.

Touch of Color
Update your living room with a touch of color here and there. A few accessories, a canvas can make a room pop and give it that additional pop to bring it to life.

Floral Prints
Use large floral prints on a limited and defined spaces like window shades, accessories ect. You can then use that color and play with it in the rest of the room. Not too much though, you want to avoid getting too busy!

Plus size items
Isn’t a huge sofa great for stretching out and getting comfy? Maybe so, but it can also take up a large space in your living room. To counter balance a large couch, balance it with a large painting or a large ottoman.

Patterns – lots of them
You can use many different patterns in a modern day living room, no problem. The key is to pick one color though! Stick with that green, blue or orange you chose and then follow through on the rest of the items in your room.


Working in pairs
Working with two of the same items (even if they are in different colors) works great in a modern living space. It balances a room and pulls it all together.


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