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America the Beautiful

When people think of decorating or remodeling their homes, window treatments are often one of the first items considered. Windows are basically holes in the wall unless you choose to dress them up with a covering. Window blinds have been a staple in the American home for decades.


Window blinds made in America have the style and craftsmanship you’d expect from every product hard working Americans turn out. The benefits of purchasing window blinds made in America are numerous, including the fact that you’re helping to support your country’s economy.


                                         Benefits Offered by Blinds


Ø Lighting control for your home’s rooms

Ø Stylish and decorative touch

Ø Added boost to the appraisal value of your home

Ø Affordable and easy-to-install luxury

Ø Easier to maintain than curtains

Ø Durable and long lasting


Many of the window blinds made in America are styled to resemble wood. These blinds are called “Faux” blinds, and are relatively inexpensive. American craftsmanship and ingenuity has helped to develop faux blinds that even some experts can’t tell apart from the real thing. Also referred to as “alternative wood” blinds, these faux window dressings provide a warm and lustrous look to any room. They’re a great choice for rooms where temperature and humidity may cause real wood to warp, crack or fade.


Of course, real wood window blinds made in America can be equally inexpensive and even more stylish. There’s nothing that appeals more to our sense of all-natural beauty than deep, rich wood. Wooden window blinds made in America provide warmth, versatility, and durability.


All window blinds made in America can be custom-fit to your particular window, or bought pre-fit off the shelves. Blind slats are also available in different sizes, and the style options are virtually endless.

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