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Limitations Of Window Blinds and Shades

Being a company that sells window coverings, we usually talk about the benefits of our product lines. We point out what a product can do in your home and how it performs. Today however, we want to show what some of the limitations are regarding specific blind or shade categories. It is important to know what some of the draw backs might be in order to find that right product for you.

Sheer Shades

Our popular Silhouette like shades are versatile as well as beautiful! But one should know that the light-filtering materials give privacy, however they aren’t as private as a cellular shade will be. The materials are delicate and very fine, so shadows and silhouettes of items can be seen outside. This might not be enough for some to feel comfortable in regards to privacy.
Another limitation could be seen in the room-darkening fabrics. Due to the construction of the shade, the vanes do not lay fully flat on top of each other, therefore creating little gaps. Those gabs allow light to be seeping in, which could be an issue to some. The longer the shade is, the more of an issue this could be.

Cellular Shades

While fantastic insulators and available in a wide array of colors, cellular shades have either an up or down position. Like all shades there isn’t a partial opening. However, it can be somewhat compensated by getting the top down / bottom up feature, which allows to lower the upper half while enjoying privacy at the bottom.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades again can only be lowered or raised. A top down feature like in cellular or roman shades is not an option. While fabric selection and print offers are big, often fabrics do not have a neutral backing. When looking for uniformity towards the streetside, fabrics with a white backing have to be chosen.
Also, Roller shades have often a +1” deduction taken off the fabric. When ordering for narrow windows, this gap can be a lot and should be considered.

Roman Shades

Limitations here are very similar to cellular shades. In addition, many fabrics aren’t available in wider widths. Many don’t exceed 75”, so for a majority of windows not an issue.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have the flexibility that they can be opened and closed while in the lowered position. Since they are made of a natural material, as the name states, wood can change its shape. Warpage over time can be an issue, especially on wider windows. Slight warpage is therefore not warrantied and normal. For the person that has the perfect eye and likes lines to be completely even, a faux wood product might be the better option.
Wood blinds are also heavy. While most people just open and close slats, one should be aware the raising wood blinds, especially larger ones, is a lot of weight to raise. It is hard on strings and cords and the wider the blind, should be supported by giving the bottom rail a lift by hand as well. Since wooden slats have a thicker slat, when the product is raised a quite large stack will be hanging in the window. For the person that wants an unobstructed view out this could be an issue.

Faux Wood Blinds

Bowing slats like with wood blinds isn’t an issue here. However, like wood blinds, the weight of the blind is heavy and slats are thick. Also here stacking will occur when raising the blind, it should be supported underneath the bottomrail due to the weight of it.


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