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Light Filtering or Room Darkening Window Shades?

We get this question often: “I am in the process of purchasing window coverings, for my … family room/ kitchen/ living room, would you recommend light filtering or room darkening window shades?”

And here is our recommendation. In general you want to let as much light in as possible and lighten up your living space. Especially in living areas like breakfast room, kitchen or family room we spend time during the day. This is where dimming the light shouldn’t be necessary. Today’s housing trend is to build homes with large windows to create openness and allow natural light in. So why would you now purchase a window treatment to cover this openness you just spent a lot of money on? A light filtering fabric however will simply soften direct light and give necessary privacy, keeping a light and friendly atmosphere. Natural light is essential for our mood and well being, some people even get the “winter blues”, because they need more light! When we can, we spend a lot of money to vacation in places where we can soak up more sun and get a full tank of vitamin D. So when it is available at no extra cost, we say don’t cut it out unless needed for functionality.

Light filtering fabrics can be found in the following product lines. Sheer horizontal shadings or Silhouettes, cellular and pleated shades, as well as roller and roman shades. Depending on the product of your liking you can play with texture or prints and of course color. Keep in mind that a dark fabric always absorbs more light than a light color will.

So the answer is, keep the room darkening shades for your rooms where light control is a must. This would include bedrooms and media rooms. In other living areas let that sunshine in and lighten up your mood 😉

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