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Light Blocking Window Coverings and Shades

Light blocking window shades can be grouped in two categories: blackout shades or room-darkening shades. A blackout shade does not filter ANY light (blocks it all); while a room-darkening shade will allow very little light inside the room.


Popular blackout shades are the cellular honeycomb shades with foil technology. The inside of the cell is lined with an aluminum liner, blocking all light. These shades are also fantastic insulators. Room darkening shades are usually found in the fabric shade category, like the roller shades or roman shades. These fabrics are blocking most light, darkening the room considerably, but are not necessarily a blackout shade. Also available in the pleated shades and woven woods shades are materials that are semi-opaque or light-filtering, but  can be paired with a lining to achieve the room-darkening or blackout affect.


All light blocking window coverings help with insulation and protect your home from harmful UV rays. Any room that is stripped of light when the shade is lowered will help to keep a room cool during hot months. All cellular shades have an additional benefit in regards to insulation, trapping the hot or cold air inside the cell, helping to reduce your energy bill year around.


Light blocking window blinds should therefore be considered for rooms with entertainment systems, where unwanted glare needs to be reduced. They are a great and popular choice for bedrooms or any room where light needs to be controlled. They are a must for the sleepyhead waking up around noon on the weekend J

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