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Kids…. Cords…. Caution!

National Window Coverings Safety Month

October is here again, National Window Covering Safety Month. And like every year, we are writing about the safety in your home again. Unfortunately we do get updates about the accidents that happen around the country regarding window coverings and it is devastating every time. It’s mostly and sadly the same, dangling cords are a safety hazard to our precious children. Children love to play with anything, and that includes cords of window blinds and shades. So we encourage anyone with small children: Please get rid of your old window coverings that have strings and cords, especially in kids rooms or play areas.

All shades, including popular cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades can be ordered with a cordless lifting system. Most of the time a clear plastic handle or tassel on the bottomrail will allow you to lower and raise your shade, eliminating traditional strings. An additional bonus besides safety? A clutter free look! What about blinds? Also here, you can find wood blinds and mini blinds that have a cordless lift option along with a tilt want, eliminating cords. Even vertical blinds come with wand operated mechanisms now to avoid chains that could be a hazard. So by spending a little extra money you can protect your curious and playful children from harm, and let’s not forget our dear 4 legged critters, they will be protected as well.

To participate and bring awareness to the National Window Coverings Safety Month we are offering many of our Roller and Cellular shades with free cordless upgrades look in particular at the Good Housekeeping and Comfortex brand. So this month, not one extra dime to upgrade! Make the Right Choice:  Kids…. Cords… Caution

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