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Wondering if you can install yourself?

We get this question all the time. Can I really install these blinds myself?
The answer for most applications is YES. Here is the drift: Window Blinds & Shades are quite easy to install. For blinds, we are talking about two box brackets on each side; for wider blinds one or more L-shaped brackets to support that headrail, snap the rail in. Voila… done. For window shades we have L-shaped brackets only. Two or more will be needed depending on the width of your new shade. They need to be lined up next to each other, and that’s it. Snap your headrail in and …. Done!

Installation instructions come with each shipment as well as all necessary hardware (self tapping screws / anchors not included and are usually not needed). The instructions go step by step. But should anybody get stomped, call us, we can always help or put you in touch with the manufacturer where your product was shipped from.

However, should you be the person that never feels comfortable with a screwdriver or drill in hand, a third party installation would be the thing to consider. For you we have a place online that helps find local handymen and contractors. We utilize the ServiceMagic network, that lists contractors and handymen with ratings and reviews. We want to support the smart shopper, that wants a quality product, custom made for the perfect fit, but needs the help when putting them up. Here is our link:

More cumbersome (but not much) are the motorized shades. Now most of them are just as easy to install if they were ordered with a battery wand. The hardwired ones however, could be more tricky. A professional installer for these instances might be what’s needed. Here you can always contact us and we will get you names and numbers of certified installers in this industry.

Hope this helped 😉

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