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Installation of Blinds above Wood Frame

When installing outside mount window blinds always remember to mount your brackets into a wall stud. Wall studs are typically 16” inches apart and are easy to find with a stud finder or even tapping on your walls and listening for the “hollow” noise. Drilling only into the drywall doesn’t support the blinds enough to keep them functioning correctly. If you are unable to find your wall studs, I would recommend using wall anchors to prevent the screws from pulling out of the wall. Find out what your walls are made out of, example- metal, wood, or concrete. Outside mount window blinds should be at least six inches wider than the width of your window to block the light that will be coming in from the open sides.


When installing 2” faux wood, real wood blinds or other horizontal blinds, install the box brackets using the screws provided, or if you have metal or concrete walls you need the proper screws to hang your blinds. The top rail of the window blinds should fit snuggly into the bracket. Close the bracket, hang your valance and you are done.


Installing vertical blinds are also very easy. Your window blinds will include L brackets and screws. An L bracket should be mounted to the rail at least ever 48“ for stability. Mount your L brackets into the wall using the proper screws and simply snap the railing into the bracket. You will hear a click and you will know that you have installed your blinds properly. Snap in the vertical vanes and you are finished.


Cellular Shades and pleated shades also come with l-shaped brackets, included in your order. The outer supports should be mounted no more than two inches from the ends of the rail and no more than 48” apart. If the width of your window is wider than 48”, you will have extra hardware included with your shades to support the middle of the rail.


Many times in order to clear your wood frame you will need extension brackets, to extend your shade far enough out from the wall to clear such trim. This hardware can be requested at the time of ordering and is free of charge J. Please remember, all detailed installation instruction come with your order, and most can also be found in our “How to Install” section our website.

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