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Hunter Douglas stops all internet sales as of June 1

We are all still shocked!
Hunter Douglas has ceased all internet sales as of June 1st. Hunter Douglas has taken a big step in the opposite direction of most companies that sell products today. Instead of adding products to the online offering (some of them were restricted all along), like most companies do at this day and age, they have decided to keep their products in the hand of locals that can come out to the customer, measure and install. They feel their product is best represented this way.

So what does that mean for us? Number one: a ton of work L We cannot offer Hunter Douglas as of June 1 any longer, so all products have to be removed and taken down. What does that mean for existing customers that have order Hunter Douglas in the past? Not much. They will be taken care of through us or Hunter Douglas directly, should they have an issue.

So many people ask us why Hunter Douglas would remove a solid portion of their sales and wonder what is in it for them. We can only speculate, and trust us, we have. The local committed dealers are supposed to be supported, that’s for sure. But at the end of the day, we can all just speculated what lead them to make such a big decision. And will such opposite direction from everyone else pay off? Only time will tell. We certainly would have loved to continue selling the brand, since we believe in the offering, the product, the quality and what Hunter Douglas stood for.

For now… keep buying. There is one and one half month left 😉

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