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Hunter Douglas Silhouette vs. Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades… What are the differences?

We get this question all the time: How do the Comfortex Sheer Shades compare to the Hunter Douglas Silhouette? Since the Silhouette is a proprietary product and can not be sold on the internet, we find many visitors having their interest sparked for alternatives. So here is the run down on the Sheer Shades:

First, Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Window Fashions are both top notch manufacturers, Hunter Douglas surely having the higher name brand recognition. What is not always known is that Comfortex is actually owned by Hunter Douglas. The bottom line for you the customer is that either brand is a solid brand, which will be around for your product to be warranted or serviced if ever needed.

The details:

Fabric Selection:
Shangri-La – offers four fabrics with a great selection of neutrals and has added new colors with stronger hues
Silhouette – offers eight fabric choices with a great range of subdued to intense hues

The Sheer Material:
Shangri-La – front AND back sheers are both made of the same type sheer material
Silhouette – The sheer material that holds the center vane is a finer sheer in front, while the sheer in the back is coarser
(This was updated in 2011 – Shangri-La fabrics now offer the same finer sheer in the front as the Silhouette; sheers are now the same)

Vane Size:
Shangri-La – is available in the 2” and 3” size
Silhouette – offered in 2”, 3” and now also the new 4” Quartette vane size

Both brands offer high-quality, precision hardware which delivers reliable operation.

Shangri-La – offers the standard bottom up shade with the typical vane rotation. With the Shangri-La the shade can be raised up to 20% of the shades height when the vanes are in the open position (this is not possible with the Silhouette). Both products are available with a motorized lift.
Silhouette – offers additional features like the top down, two-on-one headrail or
UltraGlide (retractable cord) feature.

The Hunter Douglas Silhouette is priced about 30-40% higher than the Comfortex Shangri-La.

Both products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Overall value:
Overall appearance and operation of both products is extremely close! When pricing and value matters, Comfortex will be the choice to consider. In any regard, both products are beautiful shades that offer versatility and style that is unmatched to any other window covering.

Please contact us for further information or sample swatches on Comfortex Sheer Shades.

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