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Hunter Douglas Product Updates May 2009….

As every year, the time has come… Hunter Douglas does product and pricing updates in May or June. This year, it was the 5th of May that the new changes have taken affect. In this blog we’d like to briefly outline them and give an overview.


First the GREAT news!!!

No price increases. J The norm is to see a product price increase of about 5% – some products a little less, some a little more. We suppose, due to the economy and the challenges that have come along with that for the housing market and the related industries, the “base” prices for all product categories have not been raised this year.

A few increases however, which are minor, were added to the surcharges like honeycomb cellular lift system surcharges etc.


A GREAT change to point out: There have been some price DECREASES!! Yes, you have heard right: The best selling (and new) Applause honeycomb fabric, Sunterra collection, has had a price decrease of 15%. We have on our blog an entire article on the Sunterra line, which stands out for its nature inspired earthy colors and the great even dye tones they come in. With that, a new Sunterra blackout collection has been launched, which will also be priced 15% lower than the Casuelle or Legends fabric line. You will find that new Sunterra line as soon as Hunter Douglas makes samples to us available.  


Another change to point out does not have to do with pricing. Hunter Douglas Duette lifting systems, continuous cord (EasyRise), cordless lift (LiteRise) and retractable cord (UltraGlide) now all offer the same headrail. Now we are talking consistency!! We will feature an entire article in the next few days, including pictures, illustrating that product change. They also made a number of changes to their existing fabrics and brought in some new ones. We will also post them as soon as they are available and post a blog along with it.


Another price DECREASE can be found in the Solar Shades line. The Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Roller Shades have all been lowered. Some just a bit, some considerably. Assuming that in the upcoming hot summer month they will enjoy such popularity as last year, this will be a great product to look at and save.


Wood blinds… on the Chalet wood blinds… another bargain. The Chancellor Valance, which used to have an additional charge, will be now free of charge. The 2 ½” Chalet Wood blinds, can now also be enjoyed with the LiteRise cordless lifting system. When this system is paired with a Wand Tilter – you have a blind free of cords, friendly enough for any household with children and pets.


There you go. This is the broad overview of our most popular products and their related changes. There are many more… but we don’t want to turn you into a window blind expert. We’ll leave that to us.  

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