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How To Best Clean Sheer Shades


Do you have Silhouette type shades in your home? Then you are familiar with this problem. Flies and little insects like to get caught in-between the vanes and no the problem is how to get them out. Sheer shades like the Comfortex Shangri-La collection are beautiful yet delicate shades. Two layers of sheers have floating center vanes suspended in-between and it is difficult to get into these spaces to get debris or insects out.

Here is what you don’t want to do! You don’t want to use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner has too much power and will possibly suck the fine sheer up, crinkle the vanes and possibly even tear your sheer. For standard cleaning a feather duster will do fine and get the dust off the front layer. However for anything that gets caught in-between the vanes, a blow dryer is a great tool. Your regular hair dryer on a COOL!! setting will help in this situation. It is very important not to use the hot setting as the Polyester sheer can easily get damaged. On a cool setting you can carefully blow small debris and insects out by holding the dryer sideways into the vane space. It will also help to blow out settled dust that might have built up in the sheer material.

For any major cleaning sheer shades can be taken to professional cleaners that offer Ultra Sonic cleaning services. For the day to day cleaning, the methods described will work fine. Hope this little trick will help you keep your sheer shades beautiful and clean!

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