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Comfortex Green Initiative

Comfortex started their “Green Initiative” in the month of April. What better month to start than the month that “Earth Day” is in. This is a brand new program, that is a small contribution and initiative to be good to mother earth. Instead of trashing shades, they pay for shipping them back to be recycled.

Comfortex has always been committed to the environment by using materials that are responsible, practicing sustainable manufacturing process and offering energy efficient products. Now, they have taken it a step further by offering to recycle your shades!*

What does this mean? For any warranty remakes that are less than one year old, Comfortex will pay for the product to be shipped back and returned to them so they can recycle the materials. This could include shades that came damaged from shipping, warranty issues that come up in the first year or possibly a miss-measure that could be returned. Instead of piling on to the trash pile, they will recycle the product.

At Ace of Shades, we commend any effort, that helps keep our beautiful planet clean and safe. That’s why we always push products that are energy efficient and welcome the effort Comfortex is making right now in regards to keeping trash low. Off course we hope that these warranty issues, do not occur, but from time to time it happens 😉

*Most products on our site are included in this program, including Comfortex’ cellular shades, roller shades and solar shades. Should you be interested in a complete list of shades that apply, please contact us.

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