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How do you like “free”?

You are still reading so that is a good sign ;-) We certainly enjoy offering you the best in quality at competitive pricing and then with something extra for free. Ace of Shades Window Coverings is introducing some really cool deals for the New Year. Starting on January 1, 2009 we will be offering free Top Down-Bottom Up upgrade on all Comfortex Cellular fabrics. This special offer is good through April 30, 2009 and applies to all fabrics with the exception of the Chordless Ultra (cordless) option.

The Top Down-Bottom Up feature is a unique feature that allows you to raise your window shade from the bottom up or lower it from the top down. The shade has essentially 2 headrails, which allows the bottom up / top down feature to work. With it you can enjoy an open upper half while maintaining privacy at the bottom.

The Comfortex Cellular shades are great quality products offered at competitive pricing. With the free top down / bottom up feature it is an unbeatable deal.


Cellular shades are also good at minimizing your energy cost when fully lowered as their honeycomb construction are good insulators, keeping summer heat and winter cold out. 

Keep an eye out for additional great deals from Ace of Shades Window Coverings in the New Year.

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