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Federal Tax Credit – Comfortex Honeycomb Shades with Energy Saving Sidetrack System

Comfortex Window Fashions has just announced their certification of the Comfortex ComforTrack insulating sidetrack system for the Federal Tax Credit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


We all like saving money on taxes and energy bills. And now, the ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack Insulation System does exactly that. Homeowners qualify for a 30% tax credit up to a maximum of $1500.00 when they insulate their windows with the ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack System. With this system we are actually able to cut our energy and tax bill at the same time J


What exactly is this Sidetrack System? Comfortex cellular shades are great insulating products. However, on the right and left side to the shade there is this little gap. It’s a light gap, as well as an energy gap necessary to lower and raise your shade without it “brushing” up against the casing or frame. Well, this gap can be eliminated with the ComforTrack Plus system, which places a track on the right and left of your honeycomb shade, which will give you a barrier to drafts. They are available in white or brown and are UV stable removable sidetracks that attach to your window frame with magnets. They can be removed for cleaning when necessary.

ComforTrack Honeycomb shades with the ComforTrack Plus System provide a thermal performance rating up to 5 time better than single pane windows alone! For pricing and more information on the ComforTrack Plus System, please contact us or call, this feature is not yet available online.


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