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Best Window Blinds – Faux Wood Reviews

A recent customer review has announced that the faux wood window blinds have been ranked number one among the best valued window blinds for your home. Faux wood window blinds are possessed with every positive feature of the real wood horizontal blinds and none of the negative drawbacks a real wood blind might have.


Faux wood blinds are available in many different colors to look like real wood blinds and even embossed to feel like real wood grain. Although they are very similar, the faux wood blinds are different and can not be called real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made from PVC like material that will not crack or discolor from the sun and in some cases are made from a wood and PVC composite to better give the look of real wood. Unlike real wood, the faux wood blinds will not warp or fade in the sun and will not dry out from the heat and crack, which makes them the perfect window covering for your bathrooms, kitchen or garage where window blinds would experience the most moisture. Faux wood blinds are popular throughout the home where a wood blind look is desired and can be installed in any room in your house. Their price point is sure to beat a wooden blind’s.


Faux wood blinds are typically managed using strings or hand-wands to rotate the slats or to lift and adjust the blinds. For privacy they even offer hole less which prevents light from coming though the slats and provides ultimate privacy for your home. It is not hard to see why the faux wood blinds have been named the best-value window blinds available.

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