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Energy Holes…

Did you know that glass offers very little resistance to heat flow?

That is the reason why windows are essentially “energy holes.” So, here is some math for you: Compared to well-insulated walls and roofs of modern homes, standard double pane windows allow about 10 to 15 times more heat energy through them. Considering that windows make up about 10 percent of a home’s exterior, it explains why 50 percent of our home’s heating and cooling energy pours through them. And this again means… that about half of our utility bill pours through them too.


To the right is a picture displaying primary heat loss through home windows (shown in red), which can be seen by using infrared photography. So what can be done to slow down the energy flow? We add insulation. Just like using fiberglass in your walls, you can add window shades that offer insulating properties.


Consider Hunter Douglas Duette Shades or other cellular honeycomb shades. The honeycomb construction does trap heat inside the cell, reducing air flow and helping to cover your “energy holes. Cellular Shades are available with single, double or even triple cell construction, giving added layers of insulation. Honeycomb shades with foil technology (blackout shades) also have a fantastic R-value, providing superior insulation for your windows.

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