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Designing with Sheer Fabrics

Just as in wardrobe fashion sheer materials have enjoyed a comeback, so are soft and sheer materials having a comeback in interior design. Unlike the old sheers we remember in our grandmothers home, today the sheer materials have clean lines and are far more functional, giving us flexibility to control light and UV rays for interior protection. The trend is migrating from Asia, where sheer fabrics have long been favored by interior designers and the fashion world.


Sheer materials are soft in appearance, dreamy and allow lot’s of light to filter into our room. With today’s open window designs and the desire for open spacious rooms, these products complement with this is mind. Our most popular product line, where the sheer look is incorporated is Sheer Horizontal Shades. This elegant window shade features fabric vanes floating between two layers of knitted sheers. The product gives full functionality with a sheer view out when tilted in the open position, while giving privacy when the vanes are closed.


The sheer soft look can also be found in the roller shades category. Comfortex’ Shantung fabric features a satin inspired sheer fabric for example. Also following suit has been Hunter Douglas with their pleated shades fabrics “Shimmering Forest” or “Castille”, just to name a few. Even within the Duette honeycomb shade’s a sheer fabric “Whisper” can be found.


Sheer materials are elegant, luxurious and sensual and elevate the style of any room. In our online selection you will find many sheer fabrics across our product lines; enjoy browsing.   

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