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Decorating with Light

Any decorator or photographer can tell you, or even a real estate agent, what makes a room beautiful and makes it pleasing and desirable is a matter of light. And that is exactly what you can control and play with when choosing a window treatment for your home, designed to manage light.


A proper window covering can soften the bright light of noon. A light-filtering shade can welcome the early morning light while not sacrificing privacy. Entering ultraviolet rays can be screened to protect valuable fabrics, furniture and carpeting. When “playing” with light, one should consider the light source. Do you want to control an area that is flooded with daylight? Have absolute light control in a bedroom, where darkening might be required? While managing light, what is the degree of privacy, if any, needed for your specific living area? A proper window treatment can help to achieve any goal you might have when “decorating” with light.


Why is it so important to manage light? Because… light can lift you spirits. Light can reflect your mood or change it. It can energize, or calm. It can be soothing, glowing, subdue or dappled. Light can ease tension or create the mood you want when you want it. 



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