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Hunter Douglas Country Wood Blinds…. and why they stand out

Anybody looking for top notch wood blinds should consider the Hunter Douglas Country Wood Blinds collections. This product clearly stands out in regards to detail and performance. Country Woods are made of premium hardwoods and crafted to the highest industry standards. With more options in colors, decorative tapes and hardware, the offering is the most extensive available.  

So, what does this really mean the product is made of higher quality and enduring performance? Here you go… this is why Country Woods are not ordinary wood blinds: 

The product is manufactured using a unique multi-step process to achieve unmatched results:  

  • Sort – Under strict criteria only the finest woods are selected and sorted to achieve a color-consistent wood blind
  • Preparation – Wood is prepared and sanded to perfection for an enhanced, finished appearance
  • Color – Woods are painted and stained using a proprietary coating process, featuring multiple finished coats for a premium look. Color will not fade or change over time
  • Sealant – Wood is sealed to increase the durability of the wood finish
  • Protective coat – wood is encased in a clear top coat, which provides a protective shield against environmental factors and every wear.

Every blind is made with a Topshield Finish, the ultimate protection for each wood blind: 

  • Fade resistant – resists Ultraviolet sun rays
  • Moisture resistant – the interiors wood is protected, the finish will not chip or crack
  • Scratch resistant – wood finish is hard and durable
  • Chemical resistant – resist common household cleaning solvents

And what about the price? Yes, you get what you pay for, Hunter Douglas Woods are priced higher, but will outlast other products. And let’s not forget – they are greatly discounted here on the net J

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