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Colors That Can Help You Sleep At Night

Having trouble sleeping at night? Most of us have heard about factors that can keep us from sleeping well at night. There is the TV that keeps us up, the incorrect window shades not offering proper light control, too much clutter, room temperature is too high and so on. And now there is another factor that a study addressed which is the color scheme in a bedroom. A study conducted by Travelodge has some interesting finds.

In this study it was documented how much sleep people got on average depending on color. By far the best rest was reported for people that slept in blue rooms. To be exact on average people slept 7 hours and 52 minutes. Not too surprisingly, the worst color for a room was purple. In a purple environment less than 6 hours of sleep were recorded on average.

While we can reserve some skepticism, we couldn’t agree more that color has much to do with atmosphere and how we feel in our surrounding. Certainly calming and soothing colors will help in a place of rest and sleep. How we decorate a room depends a lot on personal preference though. One can certainly agree though that soft colors, pastel tones and neutral hues are choices that seem to make good sense in a bedroom.

Below are some images that might inspire you when working with blue and soft colors:
bali roller-shades-blue1




























Following are results of the study regarding colors and average amount of sleep:











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