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Enjoy the view with ClearVu!

Comfortex has just come out with a new and improved cord-system on cellular honeycomb shades with top down-bottom up feature. This changes how the cords are placed on a top down / bottom up shade, giving you an up to 45% wider unobstructed view! This new Comfortex innovation is standard on all top down / bottom up cellular shades with a maximum width of 48” and length of 72″. Shades wider than 48” will be built with traditional top down-bottom up cord placement.


Shades with the new ClearVu feature, have lift cords positioned closer to the outer edge of the rails to provide maximum view through. This means no distracting lift cords in the middle of your view. This feature is now available on all cellular honeycomb fabrics:


·         Symphony Double Honeycomb

·         Acoustics Soft Touch Double Honeycomb

·         Matinee Room Darkening Double Honeycomb

·         Metro Flame Resistant Double Honeycomb

·         Virtuoso 1/2” Honeycomb

·         Fanfare 3/8” Blackout Single Cell Honeycomb

·         Baritone 3/4” Single Cell Honeycomb


Comfortex helps you enjoy the light control, energy efficiency and maintain privacy with all top down-bottom up shades. As always… every shade is backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty J



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